The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries (Series One) 11/25

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    "Mystery!" fans rejoice! Emmy® Award-winner Diana Rigg (Rebecca, The Avengers) portrays the glamorous and outspoken Mrs. Adela Bradley, a well-traveled, well-appointed, oft-liaisoned divorcee who dabbles in psychoanalysis, toxicology, pre-feminism, and murder investigations.

    Assisted by her devoted chauffeur and confidant George Moody (Neil Dudgeon), Mrs. Bradley solves the most complicated crimes with a sly combination of charm, intelligence, and wit. In this set of four scintillating mysteries, she gets the lowdown on the upper crust--much to the bemusement of Police Inspector Christmas (Peter Davison).

    Based on the novels by Gladys Mitchell, The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries take you back to high-mannered 1920s England, complete with the glamorous costumes, lavish cars, and hot jazz music of the Roaring Twenties.

    Death at the Opera
    While visiting her alma mater, Mrs. Bradley unravels the murder of a teacher and discovers that the foundation of this finishing school for young ladies is as improper as it is secretive.

    Rising of the Moon
    A traveling circus comes to town--but not to everyone's delight. When the knife-thrower's assistant is found murdered, Mrs. Bradley must win the cooperation of the troupe and the locals before another victim goes to the big top in the sky.

    Laurels Are Poison
    Mrs. Bradley visits an old friend living in a supposedly haunted house where the tragedies of war have left nearly everyone haunted by ghosts of the past--even George, her chauffeur.

    The Worsted Viper
    While visiting a quaint coastal resort town, Mrs. Bradley attends the wedding of George's daughter. But after a series of ritualistic murders, she finds herself strangely reminded of her very first case.

    item # WG36959
    UPC # 783421 36 9597
    ISBN # 1-59375-122-2

    WGBH Home Video will be releasing series one on double-DVD November 25. The 90 minute pilot film Speedy Death is already available.
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    And on the same day, The Inspector Lively mysteries are also released. Enjoyable viewing to go along with the recently released Touching Evil and Second Sight.

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