The Movies dictate the war...

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by JeffdDurborow, Aug 16, 2006.

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    Jul 26, 2006
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    I understand having patience in the general outlook of this format war..
    However it is becoming harder for me to see the justification of how we base our decisions wether cost, quality, marketing and advertsing on who will win this war..

    The movies are the obvious key element to the war. Interestingly enough. With a strong current studio support in favor of blu-ray a very high percentage of consumer's initial outlook was very positive with all the hype surrounding the format. Myself included. Blu-ray all the way without even seeing a demo of it. I read Ron Epstein's report on his experience with HD-DVD and how enthusiastic and excited he was about it. Considering his hesitation in waiting till the war was over. So i embarked on my own adventure to judge the current hd formats and see for myself. I am a proud HD-DVD OWNER now. I still have a little bit of worry at times..

    HD-DVD does not have the support of all the studio's but what they do have and have proven is the ability to excite the customer and give them the wow factor with each movie they see. We continue to be excited with the format but I am strongly in favor of the studios to begin releasing street dates for some of the bigger blockbuster movies they quote will be availabe. Having these release dates for some of these movies will become a more significant incentive for customers buying into the format. I honestly don't care to see "coming soon" "TBA" for movies presented to iether format. regardless of support the studio is offering each format i truly believe they can back out of offering any of their titles.

    Sorry to ramble..I come here everyday and read what's going on. Like most of us do. What i look for the most is confirmation of movies being released on HD DVD. The more i see with confirmed street dates the better i feel.
    The incentive to buy into these formats right now is the movies and i feel strongly about that. It is certainly only my opinion.

    We are HD DVD supporters. We are supporting this format everyday by buying "movies" some we never thought we would buy [​IMG]
    but they look and sound so damn good we buy them anyway..

    TBA is good
    Coming soon is better
    Confirmed street date is the ultimate in anticipation and excitement!!

    thanks for reading and supporting the HD-DVD format..
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    I agree with the above sentiment. I never would have guessed that I would buy either format before the "war" ended. Even then, I always figured I'd get a Blu-Ray player. However, money does talk, and the $500 I saved talked very loudly. [​IMG] Also, to tell the truth, I just haven't been blown away by the BD demos like I was with the HD-DVD displays. Truthfully, the Batman Begins demo sold me on this technology months ago; the only thing holding me back was this whole format war fiasco.

    That's not to say I'm close-minded to Blu-Ray. I still plan on getting a PS3 and I'm a gamer first and foremost, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't pick up at least one BD disc to try out. As you said, movies determine the war, and Blu-Ray has a LOT of titles available that I'd enjoy (then again, so does HD-DVD).

    Here's to eagerly awaiting the announcements in the coming months. [​IMG]

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