The most impressive CDs I have ever bought: Josh Groban

Discussion in 'Music' started by Ronald Epstein, Nov 11, 2004.

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    Ronald Epstein

    A friend recently turned me on to Josh Groban,
    a young singer who apparantly came to fame through his
    appearance on the Ally McBeal show.

    He currently has only two studio albums, Josh Groban
    (2001) and Closer (2004). Both contain absolute
    uplifting and beautiful music accompanyed by the most
    beautiful, flawless, and truly gifted voice I've heard
    in a long time.

    I don't consider myself to be the kind of guy that
    would immediately go out and buy an album like this,
    but after my lady friend played Josh in our room during
    a recent cruise I knew I had to have these albums in
    my collection.

    No kidding ... I easily lose myself in this music
    each and every day I play these albums. I have yet
    to hear anything in recent memory that has moved me
    like Josh Groban.

    ....and this is opinion is coming from a guy (in
    case you haven't guessed).

    I would highly recommend that you blind buy one
    of his albums. I would steer you to Closer
    first, and if you like that as much as I think you
    will, you can then buy his first album.

    I believe if you go to any of the CD sites (Amazon,
    CDUniverse) you can sample some of his music.

    Do yourself a favor and pick up some music that you
    will treasure for a long time.
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    Dad-gum it, I posted a reply and the system ate it. [​IMG]

    Oh, well: I have Josh Groban's first CD, bought because I saw his performances on All McBeal. I didn't like some of the songs or arrangements, but some were good. The guy has got one hell of a set of pipes.

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