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The marketing hype backlash thread (1 Viewer)

Eric F

Sep 5, 1999
I felt the need to vent.

Well, I must say that this movie is the most heavily promoted I've seen in a long time. Every channel I turn to on the TV is either running an Azkaban commercial, review or interviewing the cast.

Now I thought the first 2 movies were decent enough, but it's getting really hard not to see any of the movie outside of the theaters. I like to go to the movies without seeing half of it on TV beforehand! Frankly I find this type of marketing overkill repulsive- I just might not see this in the theaters at all.

Vent away!

Rick Guynn

Second Unit
Mar 23, 1999
I thought The Day After Tomorrow had as much hype. ANd if you think this is bad.. just wait 'til Episode III comes out.


Wade C

Apr 29, 2004
Not to generalize or anything, but with movies that follow the book pretty closely, mainly removing parts, instead of adding, anyone who has read the books, or kept up with the series knows what happens in the movie already. It's not like it totally ruins the movie or anything, except for some new characters, all the main ones you already know what they look like, except the person playing dumbledore now, which was good to see i thought. So over all to the previews, meh, it's like lord of the rings, a lot of people know the story, know the ending, its the way things are presented on screen that draws people into the movie, and I think thats what the previews are meant to show. Hype can be a little overkill, like in the matrix 2 & 3 which were not even close to living up to what they were made out to be, but on the harry potter thing, I dont find it to be all that bad.

Just my take on it i guess.


Senior HTF Member
Jan 6, 1999
Real Name

With regards to EPIII, based on the "marketing blitz" of EPI & II, very little of it will be paid advertising for the film. Lucas will probably have an advanced-screening charity event like he did for the last two, and then Lucasfilm and/or Fox will pay for a small ad in the newspaper and a few trailers, after that it will be all those "news" shows that have air time to fill with the "last Star Wars film."

One could say your complaint is based on how "news" is handled in this day and age: sensory overload for any big event, and then it's rapid overshadowing by the next major blip on the info radar.

Rob Gardiner

Senior HTF Member
Feb 15, 2002

Just watch less TV!. :)

Because of my huge LD/DVD collection, I got rid of cable some time ago and have seldom missed it (although it would have been nice to see ROTK sweep the Oscars

Now, when I go to the movies, I don't mind the (non-film) commercials before the film -- they are like a novelty to me now! :D


Senior HTF Member
Dec 15, 2001
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Good gawd! During Wimbledon coverage here in Taiwan, I saw the same commercial for Spider-Man 2 four times in 40 minutes, one for each commercial break. There was another time where I saw it twice in a span of 5 minutes.

Mark Kalzer

Second Unit
Mar 19, 2000
You think that's bad? Last week's on the elimination episode of Canadian Idol they spent ten minutes out of the thirty focused not on the contest at hand, but on Spiderman 2. It just went like, "The idols had a special advance screening of Spiderman 2 yesterday! Let's see what happened!" It then shows footage of them all at the Paramount theatre, watching the movie and doing the typical silly antics, then showing their thoughts (They all thought it was incredible, as if the obvious sponser wanted them to be shown saying bad things about it). Then they cut back to the live studio where the host is like, "Let's see a special preview of Spiderman 2!" and so runs the trailer I have seen dozens of times in movie theatres, and even at the ballgame. (Where they showed ads for it like 12 times and gave us foam spiderman parephenalia.) I'm usually not one that's bothered by product placement, but when it blatantly takes the place of a show that has nothing to do with the film, I get annoyed. I don't usually watch the idol shows, but are they always like this?

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