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The Machine Girl DVD review (1 Viewer)

Matthew Brown

Supporting Actor
Sep 19, 1999
From Director Noboru Iguchi comes the Japanese gore-fest, THE MACHINE GIRL.

When Ami's brother Yu and his friend are killed by the son of a Yakuza she seeks revenge. Though only a high school student Ami is a strong fighter and fiercely protective of her brother. Their parents comitted suicide after being falsely accused of committing murder so Ami is both sister and parent to Yu. Ami's quest for revenge leads her to being captured and tortured by the lead of the Yakuza. Torture involves the cutting off of her fingers and then her arm. Being the fighter she is, she escapes captivity and is nursed back to help by the parents of Yu's friend. They just happen to be mechanics and ex-biker gang members. The sew up Ami's arm and swear to help her avenge the deaths of their family members. Help comes in the form of a machine gun arm and the couple assisting in battle.

Probably slightly more depth given to the characters than usual for these movies. Ami was brought up to not seek revenge but her brother's death unleashes the demon in her. Make no mistakes though, this is a gory revenge movie not a chracter profile. It is over the top and not for the squeamish. Many of the effects are reminiscent of the Shaw Brothers movies with spraying blood and amputations/decapitations. Special effects are both computer generated as well as old school style. From hands getting fried with tempura to people being split in two, this is probably gorier than most horror movies I've seen in a while.

This movie is funny, fast, and furious and for those unfamilar with Asian movies, think of this as the last half hour of Kill Bill Volume 1 with a little of Planet Terror mixed in.

The anamorphic image is a little soft at times but overall looks good. I watched this with an Oppo 981 upconverting player.

There are Japanese and English soundtracks. I watched this in Japanese with English subtitles. I didn't check if the subtitles are the same as the spoken English track but they were free of spelling errors and where gramatically correct. The audio is mixed well and in sync. No complaints at all.

Extras include a brief behind the scenes documentary and trailers.

This movie isn't for everybody but it was fun as hell to watch. This is out on the Tokyo Shock label and is probably available just about everywhere.


Fake Shemp
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Sep 20, 2002
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I watched this one on the weekend, found it dull and boring. It comes off really cheap, and better films of this ilk can be found elsewhere, like "Riki-Oh"


Aug 15, 2007
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Hi Matt!

Gotta agree with you on this one. Just started watching this with my brother over the weekend and wasn't sure what to expect based on the trailer. Was it Chang Cheh gory? Absolutely, but not in a horror-esque fashion. Where I thought the movie might have played it straight as a dark revenge flick, instead with the over-the-top characterization of the villains and the ridiculously wild action set-pieces this was clearly a tongue-in-cheek, but bloody satire of the girls with gun (literally in this case) genre.

Unlike similar films such as Planet Terror, Machine Girl maintains an almost light hearted tone, despite all the excessive gore and never takes itself the least bit seriously, which makes it much more enjoyable as a comedy. I found it funny as heck because of this, and even my brother who's not really into these type of movies enjoyed it as well!

While it was clearly low-budget and the mix of cgi and practical effects don’t always gel, they all add to the silliness of the flick. Picture didn’t look like it was shot on film, but overall maintained a decent look. Wish it had come with more special features, as it looks like the cast and crew had a great time making this. I haven’t seen Noboru Iguchi’s previous works, would you recommend Sukeban Boy?

Matthew Brown

Supporting Actor
Sep 19, 1999
Waylander -
I haven't seen Sukeban Boy. But I may look for more from Noboru Iguchi.

I would have loved to see a featurette on the weapons used. You don't see a "drill bra" everyday. In all seriousness though it would be great to see more of how the movie was filmed with the special effects.

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