"The Long Haul" (Chronology of Country Music)

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    For you country music fans, XM will begin running a special in mid-June you might be interested in. It's called "The Long Haul", and it plays several decades worth of country music hits. They originally ran "The Long Haul" several years ago, but are airing it again in a slightly modified format, with several differences compared to the previous broadcast.

    First, the special will air only on Channel 10, America. Last time, they started on Hank's Place and moved through several of the country music channels. Second, the special will focus on music from 1950 - 2004, which I believe starts later and ends later than the previous special.

    But the biggest difference is that this broadcast will NOT be a 24/7 chronological playback. Instead, XM will air 3 3-hour segments each week (M, W and F at noon and midnight Eastern), then will repeat the entire 9-hours each Sunday from 3PM to 12 AM Eastern. This makes it possible to hear more of the special, as obviously nobody can listen 24/7 for several weeks. At 9-hours per week, it will likely take many months to run through the chronology of country music, but I think that's a more logical way to do it than run a 24/7 special.

    The broadcast starts Monday, June 13 at Noon Eastern. It will probably take 18 months or more to play the complete chronology, as XM is trying for a comprehensive presentation of country music's hits through the years. The special is hosted by country music stars Bill Anderson (for the 1950-1969 portion), Marty Stuart (for the 1970-1987 portion) and Brad Paisley for the 1988-2004 portion of the chronology.

    If you're a fan of country music, it might be worth checking out.


    Steve K.
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    XM is great about doing these kind of specials.

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