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The last surviving print of Turkish Star Wars discovered! (1 Viewer)

Tony J Case

Senior HTF Member
Mar 25, 2002
Good news, weird movie lovers!

Neon Harbor Entertainment’s Ed Glaser, whose previous acts of film preservation include shepherding the English-language DVD release of the Turkish shameless remake of Rambo. Glaser reached out to share his find, and according to a Neon Harbor press release, the Star Wars print survived all these years due to some Han Solo-style subterfuge:

The 35mm print was discovered in the collection of a retired movie projectionist in northwestern Turkey. After its original exhibition he kept it rather than returning it to the production company, lying that it had been damaged during projection.

Will it see a release? Ed says "I should clarify, though, that my role right now is more like “custodian.” I don’t have rights to the film itself. I just have the physical print. My ultimate goal is a 4K scan for archival purposes. But that’s not to say it couldn’t see a release at some point down the line."

Sadly it'll never ever EVER see release in it's original form, thanks to the shamelessly stolen footage from Star Wars and the soundtrack that was stolen from Star Wars, Raiders, Flash Gordon, ET, The Godfather, Battlestar Galacticia and just about everything else in the 70's. Which is a damn shame since this thing is epicly batshit insane:

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