The Lars Homestead in Episode IV

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    No Episode II spoilers, please! I've had to stop reading the other threads for fear of accidentally reading something I don't want to know in advance.
    Anyway, after finding my beat up old copy of The Art of Star Wars, I'm curious about the layout of the Lars Homestead. When we see it from the surface, it looks like a tiny little house with that big, round disc to the side and wasteland all around. However, when Aunt Beru calls to Luke, we see a nice, big pit with doorways on almost all sides. So, the question is, where is this pit in relation to the house? I assume the "house" is the garage. Is anything shown in A New Hope to make it plain?
    Update: From looking at a shot of the large, full-scale sandcrawler bottom parked near the homestead, it looks like the raised dirt to the right of the house (as we look at it) may be the pit.
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    You are right in assuming that the raised dirt is the edge of the pit and that the pit is the "house". The little house on the surface is just the entrance.

    I think they live underground because of the heat in the middle of the desert and maybe sandstorms. It is probably a lot cooler in those caves as if they would live in a house on the surface.

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