"The Kids In the Hall" Mega set

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    Anyone pick up the individual releases? I couldn't find any reviews. this is one of the few shows I actually held of on buying, but the pricing on the mega set is decent enouhg to make me bite. Just wondering if these are the original shows as aired on CBC, or if they got any cuts in them. If their cut, I'll transfer my nearly complete collection from VHS to DVD.

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    I've bought the first four seasons so far and they're definitely uncut--profanity that was bleeped during non-CBC broadcasts are uncensored here. If I hadn't already purchased the sets, I would buy the megaset--a better bargain!
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    All episodes are "uncut" but the collection isn't truly complete. Seasons 1-3 are the HBO versions as opposed to the CBC versions and Seasons 4 & 5 are the CBC versions as opposed to the CBS version.

    Apparantly HBO > CBC and CBC > CBS in the eyes of the Kids.

    Every episode is present intact in the version preferred by the troupe but there are alternate versions of episodes with sketches not present in any of the seasons or the megaset (which is just the exact same 20 discs).

    For example, CBC wouldn't allow them to air "The Dr. Seuss Bible" but HBO would so they shot an alternate sketch called "Aromba" for the CBC version. This sketch is nowhere on the new DVD's. There are a handful of other examples of this.

    From what I understand there are literally only about 4 or 5 of these alternate sketches "missing" and there were a couple of variations on sketches common between versions but it's really hard to get hung up on that when you're dealing with hundreds of sketches that are otherwise perfect presentation-wise.

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