"The Jayne Mansfield Story" has been released!

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Eric Huffstutler, Dec 29, 2005.

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    The long awaited DVD release of "The Jayne Mansfield Story" (1980 made for TV movie - aired on CBS) is finally here! Received my copy yesterday and watched it last night.

    For whatever reason this title has been batted around with scheduled releases but never surfaced. Direct Source Special Products (a Canadian company) has apparently picked up a European print from somewhere (says THAMES on a studio credit) where the original 1984 VHS release was from USA Home Video.

    Be forewarned that this is not a perfect transfer. There are plenty of black specks which is not overly distracting and some damage at reel changes but colors are pretty solid as is the image (non-anamorphic) in its original full screen ratio. Nothing seems to be missing except extras. This is strictly bare bones.

    So, for true Mansfield enthusiasts it is a welcome and overall pleasing release and well worth the budget $5 price tag. Just very hard to find and a limited release. I got mine through DVD Pacific.

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    Thanks for the info, Eric. FYI, even when discs involve feature films made for television, the discussion should be in the Software/TV Shows area, which is where your post is now located.

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