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    Up until recently, "The IT Crowd" Season 1 was scheduled to be released January 22nd. In fact, there's even a review of the set up at, which appeared on January 2nd, so clearly the discs are done and ready to be released.

    Now I see on the site that the release date is showing as "TBA", and the set's been taken off of Amazon's site as well.

    This set's already been pushed back once from its original 2007 release date to early 2008, supposedly to coincide with the premiere of the American version on NBC. Well, since the announcement was made by NBC that they were picking up the US version as a midseason replacement, they've had a lot of problems with the project (having to recast cast members from the pilot, etc.) and although there hasn't been an official announcement, it seems like it's pretty much a dead project at this point.

    So why the delay on releasing this set? I don't see any information about it on tvshowsondvd, but if anyone has any info it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I suspect I'll just go ahead and order the R2 version, not only to get it now, but not have to wait even longer for series two.
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    Like Andy said, I went ahead and picked up the R2 version, and was able to get both Series 1 & 2. Pretty good set overall.

    As far as the R1 goes, my guess would be to not hold your breath. Unlike most British Television shows, this one was being released without it ever (I don't think) having been shown on American television, even on a small, obscure channel. I believe that it was done ONLY to coincide with the US version, and if that doesn't happen anytime soon...

    It does seem a shame though, cause I read the same review on, so they could obviously get the product out there.

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