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The Hunters - Korean air war film from Fox (1 Viewer)

Brent Avery

Supporting Actor
Feb 19, 2002
Finally watched this dvd and thought that the scenes of F-86 and F84s during the Korean War( standing in as Migs ) was quite good overall. The images were mostly quite sharp with very good color - this on a 107" screen so anyone with a smaller display should be very pleased. Put it this way, for a film made in 1957 it was - overall - more pleasing to watch in this regard than say The
Good,Bad,and the Ugly or The Great Escape SEs, both of which have suffered the ravages of time less fortunately from what I saw of both of them in comparison. You will note that I am stressing overall video quality - not that The Hunters did not have some problems but I was impressed all the same! Robert Mitchum played his usual confident character - a Major - and Robert Wagner was good as the gung ho junior pilot. It is presented in 2:35 Cinemascope on one side and full frame on the other. Audio is 4 channel Dolby Digital although the action is pretty well up front, the rears were not used to any great effect and overall it came across quite well. If you love movies with good action scenes involving aircraft you will want to add this one to your collection. It was great to watch those early jets on the screen and there are some good low level shots as well. I thank Fox for making this title available and hope they continue to release low cost dvds that offer great value. It is bare bones of course but you do get an insert with chapters listing and trailers for this movie, Crash Dive and another I can't name as I am going from memory ( as usual! ).


Senior HTF Member
Jun 15, 2001
I thought one of the Mods here wanted this title. I'll be picking it up in the near future.

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