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The HTF Twin Peaks DVD FAQ! (1 Viewer)

John CW

Supporting Actor
Oct 7, 2000
The same confused questions keep coming up over and over again on this forum, so I've decided to write a FAQ especially for it!
(Hope no-one minds!)
The Twin Peaks DVD FAQby John Walker
What's the correct order to watch everything in?
1 - The Pilot Episode (NOT to be confused with "Fire Walk With Me")
2 - The first season
3 - The second season
4 - Fire Walk With Me
How many episodes are there?
In the first season there were seven episodes.
When it became such an incredible hit ABC ordered much more episodes for the second season, which has 22 (yes! twenty-two!)
So overall there's...?
Including the pilot episode there are 30 episodes.
Was the murder of Laura Palmer ever resolved?
Yes, a few episodes into season two. (Although David Lynch never wanted it to be! :))
Was there a third season?
No there was never a third season, although fans and makers wanted one. There is talk that the second season may be split into two for release on DVD. This third set of discs might be unoffically (and incorrectly) referred to as a "Third Season" at times.
Will the second season be released on DVD like the first?
Rumour has it that it will be, but at the moment there has not been an official announcement.
Where can I buy the pilot episode on DVD?
Most major DVD sellers now stock this title (even Amazon have it now!).
It says IMPORT, is there not a Region 1 release?
Not as yet no. Paramount own the rights to the pilot episode (it USED to be Warner) but at the moment there is no news on when it might be released.
What's the picture and sound like on this DVD?
The picture is pretty good (not as good as Artisan's first season though!) but the sound is far from perfect. Although you'll have no difficulty enjoying the disc, there are annoyances: The sound is a pitch or two higher (thanks to its PAL to NTSC(!) transfer) and it reguarly goes in and out of phase for no good reason.
On the whole though you can hear everything perfectly well and it's the best version out there at the moment (c'mon Paramount!).
Read the reviews:
What's all this about a 'European' version?
When David Lynch and Mark Frost were making the pilot episode, they were contractuarly obliged to film an 'ending' to it so it could be sold as a stand-alone movie in Europe if the series wasn't picked up.
All VHS versions of the pilot include the extra 15 or so minutes of footage.
What does this footage include?
Basically Cooper and Truman hunting down the killer and shooting him. It's pretty crap and it was never intended to be seen as part of the series (it flat out contradicts a lot of things in it) but part of it was seen/used as Cooper's dream at the end of Episode 2.
YOU DON'T WANT THIS VERSION (except maybe as a collector).
What ending does the IMPORT DVD have?
It has the PROPER, intended ending - NOT the crappy European one (despite what Amazon may tell you).
I've just watched the first season on DVD and NEED to find out what happens next, what can I do to help curb my Twin Peaks withdrawl?
Join the club - I feel exactly the same way (and I watched all the episodes when it first aired!)!!
Pray that Artisan will release the first part of the second season! :)
I have more questions... got any more answers?
The best place for up-to-the-minute Twin Peaks DVD news is: http://www.dugpa.com
Hope this helps answer a lot of people's questions!
~ John


Mar 7, 1999
That's an excellent resource. Good work! :emoji_thumbsup:
One thing that *could* help newbies, but I almost hesitate to bring it up, is that Hollywood Video has stocked the entire series on VHS. I rented it from a HV back in 1998 because I hadn't seen it since the original airings. If you REALLY need your TP fix, you can look there, although they may well have dumped them by now.

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
Hey, that's sweet. Just FYI, though, there's an excellent Twin Peaks FAQ here that I've mentioned on at least one previous post. It even includes "episode titles" (used in Europe but not in the USA; only episode NUMBERS in the US).

John CW

Supporting Actor
Oct 7, 2000
Yep there's a few good FAQs there, but also plenty of spoilers too!! :) (Plus the whole thing is like a graveyard... why TP WAS this, why it DID that. All very past-tense and not updated in several years... Depressing! :) But plenty of info.)
~ John

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
Good post (again)- my only suggestion would be to add, after the first item.
I thought Fire Walk With Me was a prequel to the series, shouldn't I watch it first?
NO! FWWM is a prequel, as it is set in time right before the beginning of the series- and features Laura's death-- but it spoils much of what is to come in the series. IN addition to other things, the whole "Who Killed Laura" is revealed in FWWM, and ruins the mystery setup of the first season.
New Line will be releasing FWWM in Feb- but if you have never seen the series before it is STRONGLY suggested that you wait until the complete release of Season 2 before seeing FWWM.
and maybe also add:
I really enjoyed the Twin Peaks series when it aired, but never saw the movie- will I like it?
It's hard to say- but worthy to note that despite being equally "Lynchian"- there are some serious differences between the tone of the film vs the series.
The films is, obviously, much more graphic (the Film is rated R). Some people have found TP the series much more enjoyable- because the underlying seediness and scandal of the town was hinted and alluded- but rarely shown in detail- where the movie features much more of it graphically.
The series also featured a strong allusion to daytime soap opera styles (even illustrating this with the "Invitation to Love" asides in the first season). The film feels much more like a movie.
Finally, and maybe most important to passing TP fans, very few of the characters on the series are in the movie. In fact, almost none of them are. If you enjoyed the series because of chaacters like Lucy, Hawk, Sheriff Truman, Ben and Audrey Horne, etc-- be aware that none of them are in the film.
So if you really enjoyed the series- try the film. If you had a passing enjoyment of TP series, then the film might not be for you.


Mar 7, 1999
Since Fire Walk With Me streets this week, this might be a good time for other people to see this most helpful FAQ thread.


Second Unit
Oct 20, 2001
Word in passing, JohnCW...it's Republic, not Artisan, you should talk to for the rest of the series (although in a sense you are correct on the Artisan part since Artisan sub-licenses the video rights to the Republic library from Republic, which is owned by Paramount).
Jun 13, 2000
You could say that those new to the Twin Peaks universe should begin with the series and end with Fire Walk With Me.

BUT since Fire Walk With Me actually serves as both a sequel and a prequel, once you know everything, you should start with the movie and end with the movie. This means that your Twin Peaks viewing cycle will be completely circular and that is very...Twin Peaks-ian.

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