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    Anybody here in the UK catch this ?

    The series is about the production of big Hollywood films, and it was very interesting to hear some of the people on the show discussing some very famous films. Bryan Singer talks about making X Men (a nightmare according to him, which gave him a very thick skin), Bill Mechanic talks about X Men as well, Dr Doolittle (apparantly the first cut was crap so he went and hired decent comedians to voice the animals - result = hit) and also Titanic, and how he had to go and have a meeting with "The King of the World" himself, and talk budget cuts (you can imagine the reaction he got).
    Wes Craven and the producer of Scream talks about how the Weinsteins hated what they were seeing in the dailies (they told the producer that they wanted every scene shot with 7 different masks until they decided which one they liked) but changed their minds when they were sent a cut of the opening sequence.
    Ridley Scott, John Logan and Bill Nicholson talks about the making of Gladiator, and Russell Crowe's reaction to the key scene when he reveals himself to the Emperor, and Oliver Reed's death.

    They talked to a lot of writers actually, most of whom are shocked at the power the actors have over the production (the writer of Pay It Forward seemed particularly pissed with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt)

    Very entertaining, and the next part is on next week.
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    Yeah, I saw it, very good documentary. I'm looking forward to next week's episode, where they discuss exactly who decides what movies should be made and why over half of them end up losing money...

    And I never realised just how arrogant Russell Crowe was!

    (Talking about the infamous Gladiator speech): "This is shit, but because I'm the greatest actor in the world I can make even shit sound good."
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    That was a priceless story from Kathleen Kennedy about how Jock from RAIDERS rescues the entire crew of JURRASIC PARK from the island in the middle of a hurricaine...I'd love to have seen Spielbeg's face when he found that out![​IMG]

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