The High and The Mighty Audio Problem

Discussion in 'DVD' started by PaulEB, Aug 18, 2005.

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    Has anyone noticed background sound dropping out, specifically the propeller noise heard from within the plane. At about 33 minutes into the movie, when the pilot is talking to the woman who wants to exit from the front of the plane, the prop sounds is heard from one camera angle and not from another. I believe this happens later on as well.

    Also, at 2:19:45 the sound drops almost entirely except for the effects channel. I switched to the 2nd audio track, Digital 2/0 (dvd player lists it this way) and the sound was fine. I went back to the earlier part (0:33) of the movie where I noticed the problem and switched to the 2nd Audio track and the sound seemed good. So it appears that the Digital 5.1 ( dvd player lists it as 3/2.1 ) audio track has some problems.

    I was wondering if this is a DVD problem or just the way the movie was made. The DVD package lists Dolby Digtal 5.1 and 2.0 tracks, so it appears this first one has the issues.
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    I got your e-mail on this - but having worked four 12 hour days this week, I didn't have time to check the disc.

    At 33:08 on the 5.1 track, on a cut, the prop noise has a definite change in character, but it is still there. At 33:24, the prop noise begins to subside as the score crescendos. Other than the one rapid change on a cut, and that not being a disappearance of the sound but a change in timbre, I don't hear what you describe. What I hear is definitely not a defect in the DVD soundtrack.

    I heard little or no difference in sound content at 2:19:45 between the two tracks. There does appear to be some rather abrupt mixing (sudden addition of reporter / family voices after landing) - but I hear it on both tracks.

    The content of these areas seems identical to me - or nearly so. The changes in timbre in the mix are much easier to hear with the discrete surrounds on the 5.1 track - since the surrounds are more prominent in the 5.1 track. The surrounds seem to be where the "character" of the sound changes the most.

    That's the best I can describe what I hear. I don't hear anything like what I would call a defect, but do hear some mild audio cues that have gained prominence in the 5.1 mix. In the instance at 33 minutes, the fact that the change happens on a cut indicates either a sloppy original edit, or a change to different source material during the restoration.


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