The HDTV I am looking at only goes up to 720p, will that be an issue?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Travis Hedger, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Travis Hedger

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    Mar 24, 1998
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    Today I was at Ultimate Electronics, and drawing every closer to closing in on a WS HDTV purchase.

    I saw the Samsung HLN567W DLP monitor and it looked friggin' awesome!

    Its native resolution is 1280x720 so it would down covert 1080i material to 720p. How much of a degrade in picture would that be, or would it still look outstanding?

    The other TV I had my sites on in non-DLP was the Mitusbishi WS-55813 and this unit does a full 1080i.

    Thanks in advance for any info you guys can provide.
  2. Rob Tomlin

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    Jan 8, 2000
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    720p can provide an outstanding picture!

    Frankly, I definitely prefer 720p over 1080i because I hate interlaced artifacts (which you don't get with 720p). ABC and ESPN-HD broadcast their High Def stuff in 720p.

    Like you state in your post, 1080i will be downconverted to 720p. You will not lose picture quality, but there is a chance that there might be some artifacts created by the downconversion. The Samsung is a great unit, and I doubt this would be an issue.

    I have a Dwin 720p DLP front projector and I love it.

    I also have a Mistubishi 46" HDTV that does "full" 1080i.

    If I were you, I would go with the Samsung! Especially since that is the one that you appeared to be more impressed with (I am is much sharper than my Mistubishi)!

    Good luck!
  3. Steve Schaffer

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    If you get an HD box to go with the Samsung, get one that can be set to output at 720p. Some of the older designs still on the market will only output HD signals as 1080i.

    If you get a box that can convert incoming 1080i to 720p, you can use whichever looks better, the boxes conversion or the set's. If you get a box that only does 1080i you will have to rely only on the set's conversion. ABC and ESPNHD are broadcast natively as 720p. A 1080i only box will convert this to 1080i, then your set will have to convert it again to 720p. Better to minimize the number of scanrate conversions whenever possible.

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