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The Gregg Loewen Experience (ISF Calibration)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by David Paden, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. David Paden

    David Paden Extra

    Apr 3, 2003
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    I just wanted to briefly share my experience with Gregg Loewen's television calibration service of my 65" Hitachi.

    I wont go into the nitty gritty details, but suffice to say he did an excellent job. First thing was to use the light meter to measure the "before" picture. Next step was restacking my screen. Then he went to work lining the inside of the TV's cabinet with black felt. I didn't realize Gregg was such an accomplished tailor. [​IMG] With that done, the screen went back on and he started playing with the guts. Focused the guns. Adjusted picture size and centered it. Striped the lenses. Adjusted color levels, brightness, contrast, etc. through the service menu. Adjusted convergence. And probably a couple other things I forgot.

    We popped in Fifth Element...wow. It looked amazing. It's kind of like that feeling you get after you've been wearing sun-glasses all day, then you take them off and suddenly everything looks so much clearer and brighter. Gregg showed me different scenes with different lighting to demonstrate how true the colors were. Then we put in Blade 2 and watched for a bit. Details in the shadows were fantastic...this dark movie suddenly had more stuff to look at.

    After Gregg left around 3:00, I stared at my TV and drooled for a little bit. Then I watched the rest of Blade 2. At 5:00, I watched Gladiator. At 7:00, I watched Patriot. At 9:00, I watched Ghost Ship. At 11:00, I watched Insomnia. Around 1:00am, I had to go to sleep for work the next day. My cheeks hurt...from smiling at my TV all night.

    Bottom Line: Gregg does great work. Well worth the investment. Highly recommended!

    You can find Gregg Loewen of "Lion Audio/Visual Consulting" at: http://www.lionav.com/
  2. EarleD

    EarleD Supporting Actor

    Aug 27, 2000
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    Cool, I have Gregg coming to my house in August to calibrate my Hitachi 51F500.[​IMG]

    I'm also going to have him line my set with Duetyne. I can hardly wait.

  3. Chris Sigua

    Chris Sigua Stunt Coordinator

    Feb 16, 2001
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    I had mine (Tosh 65H80)done the night before yours David. I won't write anymore details on the work done since you've summed it up nicely. Yes, Gregg does great work. He was at my house for 5 hours. My greyscale on the lower end was so far off that it didn't even register on the meter but was now closer to 6500K.

    I popped in Gladiator last night and it was like watching a new movie. Details in the wardrobe stood out (i.e., like all the gold leafing)which I had missed before because it was too dark.

    To put it into perspective, think of how you felt the first time you saw HD. It's the same feeling all over again. I have to admit, I think we all get blasse or take for granted HD once we've had our equipment for awhile. I could go on, but you guys get the idea.

    THANKS Gregg. [​IMG]

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