The greatest scenes ever filmed

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    The greatest scenes ever filmed. These scenes may not be iconic,but they are powerful none the less. They were nearly impossible to capture on celluloid, but there they are, preserved for all time. These scenes are mind-blowingly amazing... so what are they?

    1) The Dam Jump - Goldeneye
    This scene set a world record and was captured in one take... the camera follows the jumper all the way down, and cuts just after he pulls out his gun.

    2) The 360° car jump - The Man with the Golden Gun
    Taken in one take, the car takes off from a ramp and does a complete 360° in mid air before landing perfectly on the other side of the river.

    3) The Parachute jump - The Spy Who Loved Me
    The jump was filmed on Baffin Island in the Arctic of Northern Canada. The weather is hostile, and they only had a three-day window in which to film the scene. They had three cameras going, and only one caught the scene perfectly.

    4) Gandhi's funeral - Gandhi
    Between 400,000 and 500,000 Indians came out not to be captured on film but to pay tributer to the man who freed their country. The streets were lined with people of all walks of indian life, all paying their respects to MAhatma Gandhi.

    5) The Exodus - The Ten Commandments
    Hundreds of extras, dressed in Hebrew card marched with Carleton Heston on C.B. DeMill's orders. An Incredible undertaking to even plan and set up, never mind film.

    6) The Arial flying sequences - Wings
    William Wellman waited days on end for the perfect weather conditions in order to capture the airplanes flying in the sky, still some of the greatest footage ever taken. And the Stars themselves, Rogers and Arlen, did their own flying and camera work!

    6) The Battle of San Mihiel - Wings
    The scebe toiok only five minutes to film, but William Wellman waited hours until the clouds parted just long enough to capture the all-important climax of the film. Two men were hurt, but not seriously, and is still a most impressive scene to see.

    7) The Car chase - Bullit
    Regarded as the best car chases ever filmed.

    8) The Car Chase - The French Connection
    Another car chase highly regarded as one of the best.

    9) The St. Patricks day parade - The French Connection
    Gene HAckman was able to walk down through the middle of the actual parade without being mobbed by anyone.

    10) Twist & Shout - Ferris Bueler's Day Off
    John Hughes actually used the real Chicago parade and filmed right in the middle of it, gaeeting Matthew Broderick to sign and dance on the float in the middle of the parade with real chicago citizens, not extras, all around.

    These are just some of the ones I could think of...
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    The shower scene from Psycho, original version, of course
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    Just about every Fred Astaire dance sequence.

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