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  1. Edward_T

    Jun 28, 2001
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    Here is my current list of what I got/Have coming
    My List to trade or sell
    My Trade List
    The Crow Collectors Series Box Set
    Stephen King Box Set
    Die Hard Trilogy Box Set OOP
    Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition 2 DVD Set DTS
    Unbreakable Special Edition 2 DVD Set DTS
    Roadtrip DTS
    Bless the Child
    Silence of the Lambs Special Edition
    Hannibal Special Edition 2 DVD Set
    Dracula 2000
    What Women Want
    Seven Platnium Series 2 DVD Set DTS
    The Ladies Man
    Meet the Parents Collectors Edition DTS
    X-Men Special Edition
    The Mummy Ultimate Edition 2 DVD Set DTS
    What Lies Beneath Collectors Edition DTS
    Hollow Man Special Edition
    Stir of Echoes
    Spawn Platnium Series
    The Cable Guy [WIll trade for almost anything]
    Steven King's Sometimes they come back [Almost anything]
    Immortal Combat [Almost anything]
    Evil Dead 2 Limited Edition TIN[SEALED]
    The Goonies Special Edition
    Dogma Special Edition 2 DVD Set
    Fight Club Special Edition 2 DVD Set
    Forrest Gump Collectors Edition 2 DVD Set
    End of Days Collectors Edition
    Lake Placid
    I will sell theese 3 titles for $22.00 SHIPPED Priority mail.
    The Cable Guy
    Steven King's Sometimes they come back
    Immortal Combat
    thats 3 good titles in nmint cond for only 22 bucks thats way less than 10 bucks a title.Or id trade all 3 of them for 1 good title.
    My Want List{Not Limited To] [IN order of intrest]
    1-Fire Pro Wrestling D[Sega Dreamcast Game]
    2-Akira Limited Edition TIN
    3-Evil Dead 2 Limited Edition TIN --------GOT IT
    4-Holloween 5 Limited Edition TIN
    5-X-Files Season 4 Box Set
    6-X-Files Season 3 Box Set
    7-X-Files Season 1 Box Set
    8-Nightmare on ELmstreet Collection Box Set
    9-Classic Monsters Collection Box Set
    10-Stanly Kubric Collection Box Set
    11-Oliver Stone Collection Box Set
    12-Die Hard The Ultimate Box Set
    13-James Bond Box Sets
    14-Jurassic Park Deluxe Box Set
    15-Toy Story Ultimate ToyBox
    16-Lethal Weapon Legacy Box SetThe
    17-Spawn The Ultimate Collection Box Set[ANIME]
    18-BatMan Legacy Box Set
    19-Scream The Ultimate Collection Box Set
    20-Eddy Murphey Collection Box Set
    21-The Adam Sandler Collection Box Set
    22-The Saturday Night Live Collection Box Set
    23-Any Other Box Sets
    24-Tomb Raider[PRE ORDER]
    25-The Grinch[PRE ORDER]
    26-Freddy Got Fingured[PRE ORDER]
    27-Star Wars Episode 1 The Phanom mennice[PRE ORDER]
    28-The ForeSakin[PRE ORDER]
    29-The Mummy Returns[PRE ORDER]
    30-Manhunter Limited Edition 2 DVD Set
    31-Joe Dirt
    32-Exit Wounds
    33-The Emperors New Groove Ultimate Edition 2 DVD Set
    34-Dogma Special Edition 2 Dvd Set -------GOT IT
    35-Total Recall Special Edition
    36-The Family Man
    38-17-19 inch Computer monitor
    39-Sony Playstation 2
    40-The Goonies -------------GOT IT
    41-The Princesses Bride
    42-ToyStory 2 Pack
    43-Tremors 2 Pack
    44-Austin Powers 2 Pack
    45-Jurassic Park 2 Pack
    46-Enemy at the Gates
    47-Tremors 3
    48-Blood for Dracula Criterion Collection
    49-Rushmore Criterion Collection
    50-The Rock Criterion Collection
    51-Chasing Amy Criterion Collection
    52-The Gift
    53-The Omen Colleciton Box Set
    54-Alien Legacy Box Set
    55-Bruce Lee Masters Collection Box Set
    56-Any Given Sunday 2 DVD Set
    57-Urben legend 2 Pack
    58-American Pie Ultimate Edition 2 DVD Set[Unrated]
    59-Men of Honor
    60-Finding Forestor
    61-The WolfMan[Classic]
    63-The Mummy[Classic]
    64-Showgirls NC 17
    65-The Bride of Chucky
    69-Dune-TV Series
    70-The BirdCage
    72-The 6th Day
    73-Lake Placid ----------GOT IT
    74-The Simpsons Season 1
    75-End of Days
    76-Alice in chains Concert
    77-Creed Concert
    78-Metalica[Cunning Stunts]
    79-Metalica S&M
    80-Bon Jovi Crush Tour
    81-Akira Special Edition 2 DVD Set
    82-X-Files Fight the Future[The Movie]
    83-Sega Dreamcast Games
    84-X-Files Season 2 Box Set
  2. Edward_T

    Jun 28, 2001
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  3. Michael De Costa

    May 8, 2001
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    I have interest in Goonies and Fight Club. E-mail me on how much you want for these 2 titles, shipped. [email protected]
    At my signal, unleash Hell.......
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  4. Gary Cliff

    Jul 23, 2001
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    Ed, let me know how much you want for Forrest Gump, shipped. Thanks!
    - Gary
    [email protected]

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