"The Godfather" Trilogy vs. "Once Upon A Time In America"

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    After still wading through "The Godfather" DVD set, I don't know how many have seen, and greatly appreciated, the DVD release of Leone's "Once Upon A Time In America", it struck me as to the distinctly different takes on the American Gangster Life.

    Basically, to me, Coppola's story is rooted in the concept of The Family as the center of Organized Crimes causes and the purpose for which a Man goes out into the world to maintain, aside from more earthly possessions and pursuits. Women..."good women"...are involved, only to nurture within the family unit, and provide sustinence.

    Leone's perspective seems to take a more gritty, skeptical and realistic take on Crime and it's roots, in that it's an all male activity, which is set in a rootless society, where women are only possessions to partake in sexually, and that have a more tangential role.

    These elements are the basis from these two perspectives from which their two different stories evolve and diverge in treatment. Both are very entertaining.

    Any thoughts about the two treatements ?????
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    I believe that OUaTiA was released to dvd in South America; Brazil I want to say? Anyway, I love the Godfather movies and OUaTiA, but I prefer the latter. It really is a great film and I can't wait for an R1 release.

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