The Getaway. What are your impressions?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jeff Ashforth, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Jeff Ashforth

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    Dec 20, 2000
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    I played the demo of this game and it didn't really blow my skirt up if you know what I mean.

    The driving part was pretty cool, and more realistic than GTA. The main problem I had was with the on foot portion. The character's movement seemed a little funky and the whole leaning against a wall to regain your health 'thing' was kind of tedious.

    Just wondering what you guys thought.

    I might give it a rent to see if the mission based stuff is more satisfying.

    Regardless, I'm still just getting started on Vice City so this one can wait a while.

  2. paul h

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    Mar 14, 1999
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    It's got very mixed reviews, the kinda game that if you can put up with the flaws it has you might really enjoy it. Someone i know has completed it and enjoyed every minute but then others cant stand it ... i had a quick play and was very impressed with the graphics but not so with the controls. Worth renting though to see if you get on with it.
  3. Brian-W

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    Feb 8, 1999
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    Jeff, the problems you pointed out are prime examples of "when is real not fun anymore"

    I spent time with the Getaway, and there are very cool realistic touches (bad car accident equals damage to the player). But they don't equate to fun for many people. For players looking for simulation aspects (aka real life), Getaway works very well. But as a game to just have fun with, it falls short.

    Proof that you can't necessarily have it both ways (fun and absolute realism). There was an article a couple years ago in PC Gamer that touches on something I think people, game developers (and marketing departments) don't take into account: When is simulation or "reality" to real. When a game is no longer a game but a simulation and so realistic it's not fun for the mass majority of people who'd buy it.

    Getaway isn't bad, but you have to be into the reality/simulation segment to get the most out of it.
  4. Michael J. C.

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    Jul 22, 2002
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    I have the game and have been playing it...

    Actually, the simulation aspect of the game is not the problem. Getting shot and limping is great. Having a bad car accident and being injured is fine...

    The problem is the LACK of features to fill out the simulation.

    -When driving, you have no way of looking behind you. Or left and right for that matter.

    -If you come upon a 2 foot wall, you have no way to jump/climb over it.

    -Enemies will spawn out of thin air even if you've cleared an area.

    -If you steal a different car for your getaway (then the story intends) your cut scenes show you in the wrong car.

    I'm about half way through the game now. I would like to finish it and think I probably will. The game isn't a bad game.

    But simulation or not, it is one of those games (it seems so far) that once you finish it, you're finished with it.

    There is a "free roam" mode once you have completed the story, but due to the lack of realism I can't imagine that being fun for too long...

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