The genesis of HD upscaling via component?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Vader, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Could this be the start of a trend?

    I mean, it's not part of the current DVD spec, but there is absolutely no techincal limitation requiring it (only the greed and paranoia of the studios). We all know there are several means by which this DVI nonsense can be defeated (all of somewhat questionable legality), and I would hope the studios know this too. If we can defeat it, you can bet the pirates are way ahead of us, because they want to. As an example, George Lucas released the original trilogy partly due to piracy concerns, right? Well, the current circumvention of DVI pretty much amounts to piracy (legally speaking), or at least opens the floodgates. Possibly someone in high places will see the huge market of early adopters (and the futility of DVI-only), and switch gears. I know I would buy a player (legally) that upconverted to 1080i in a heartbeat...

    As a side question, I remember reading that it was not technically possible to send 1080p via component, though I don't remember where, nor do I recall why...?
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    There's no fundamental technical problem with high scanrates over analog connexions; people who run CRT projectors use 1125p60 on a routine basis, and if you're doing 1600*1200 @ 75 Hz on your computer monitor, over VGA, that's more than "1080p" would require. It's just not standardised, as far as I know, with a published common timing diagramme [SMPTE handles this], so there's no guarantee whether it will be accepted at an input, or display properly.
    Of course, there seem to be 1080i HD set-top tuners on the market which don't play well with the component inputs on some 1080i TVs, so who knows? [Suffice to say NHK had a good reason for keeping that extra 45H in the vertical interval.]

    These Chinese "HVD" players are something... er... out of the ordinary, that's for sure.

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