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The gear or the Media (1 Viewer)

Robb Roy

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Jul 15, 2002
CurtisSC wrote in another thread (a thread I don’t want to hijack more than it has been already):

"Someone recently said to me 'It seems like these people like their equipment more than the music or movie.' I thought that was a very interesting statement and true in many cases."

When I first read that, I thought those people must be nuts. Then it occurred to me: I don’t think I’m one of those people, but I’m close. I rarely watch TV, but it’s important to me that when I do, it’s in HDTV. I’ve spent more time tweaking the TV in the last week than watching it (excluding DVD viewing, but you get my point). I’ve spent more time in the last month experimenting with equalizing my sub than doing critical music listening with it. When I want a new piece of gear, my wife mentions how much fun I’m going to have researching it, then installing it (even if I do cuss up a storm when behind the rack).

I suppose it’s a “journey vs. destination” thing, but I’d be curious about other enthusiasts’ opinions on this.



Supporting Actor
Nov 10, 2003
The journey is just as enjoyable. I don't think you can ever stop fooling around or upgrading if you have the time and/or money. I'm middle class, my pockets aren't too deep. Within the last year I bought all new equipment to go into my first house my wife and I bought last year. The sub was the last, and sorely neglected peice that finished my new system last November. Then my Sony RPTV picture started messing up and I just now finally got that replaced under warranty to where I can say I'm pretty much happy with everything at the moment. At the same time I've been trying to get my HTPC to playback better than my Denon 1600 DVD player, which I still haven't got to do, after previously just using it for music. I also was going to get my TV ISF calibrated before the picture went south. Now I got about 6 months of break-in before I have that done on my new set. Seems I look at Audiogon every day to find that great deal on a used amp and so on and so on...........:)


Second Unit
Jul 13, 2003
I treat my theater as a hobby. I'll tweak away trying to get a little more out of my system. At the moment I've been painting and cutting moldings trying to get the right look.
I might watch a film maybe once or twice a week. Quite honestly I don't find there's alot of good film product out there. There just seems to be alot of remakes of the same themes.

John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
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I spend all that time and money so I can enjoy the media, but the gear and tweaking is a large part of the fun for me too. I listen to more music by far than movies though, so that is what my system is geared to, and the second system has no video at all.

I finally got my system to a (mostly) finished point last week, and I haven't even had a chance to sit down and listen to it for any length of time...


Second Unit
Apr 6, 2004
until I get the system the way i want it the system if FAR more important to me than the media. i don't enjoy watching a movie when i know somethings not calibrated properly yet. but once i have it the way i want it i dont think about it anymore, and LOVE watching the movies or listening to music. i just moved recently so ive been recalibrating everything and i finally got the sound the way i want it, and have been adjusting the geometry on my rptv. its a pain in the a$$ but once its perfect i can enjoy it so much more, even tho nobody else seems to notice the changes. thats the part that bugs me the most, my girlfriend will say it sounds great babe, but it sounded good before too.. ARH!


Marc H

Second Unit
Aug 22, 2001
I look forward to when the tweaking is over and I can simply enjoy the media and forget the gear exists.

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