The Future of TV on DVD???

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Claude North, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Claude North

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    Apr 21, 2003
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    (Forgive me if this has been covered in another thread, and if it has, please feel free to provide the link to that thread.)

    Having read several threads on this board pertaining to DVD releases of various TV series, I've noticed that when sales are discussed, it's often to indicate that a series didn't sell as well as expected. Also, it has been mentioned that, in general, subsequent season sets of a series are expected to sell less than the first season set.

    Given what seems to be the risky nature of releasing TV series on DVD, what does everyone think the future of TV on DVD will be? Will this trend continue, or will it die out, leaving an assortment of "Complete First Season" box sets behind?
  2. Gord Lacey

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    Jan 3, 2001
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    Fox has said that they have found sales of the various season sets to be about the same.

    I think with the increase in shows being released we'll see a bunch of season 1 sets, with nothing more. That's why studios need to make sure that the first set of any series is the best it can be. Don't rush it, and make sure it contains some interesting extras. Give the fans a reason to buy it and hopefully they will.

  3. Darren Haycock

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    Nov 13, 2002
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    Eh, it kind of depends. For me, I really wanted to get into Babylon 5, and heard that seasons 3 and 4 really were the cream of the crop, so I'll definitely be wanting to buy those. Season 1 is supposed to be the weakest of the series, but essential seeing as how it sets up the plot of the series. I guess my point is that some shows where later seasons are better really shouldn't have this problem.
  4. Jaime_Weinman

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    Mar 19, 2001
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    I think in most cases, even if the first season is not the best of the series, it'll still sell if there is sufficient demand for the series. Take The Simpsons. A lot of people feel the show hadn't really hit its stride in the first season (I think the first season is great, but others don't), and certainly the characters don't always look and sound like audiences have come to expect, yet the first season was a huge success. There are maybe a few cases where releasing the first season first may have hurt sales -- mostly where the first season doesn't have most of the familiar characters, like Law and Order. But for the most part, I think that if audiences want the show on DVD, they'll want to start at the beginning and keep on going.

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