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    Hello everyone. I'll say now that this is my first post on this forum. After reading it for awhile, I finally decided to register so that I can put in my 2 cents on our fun little hobby that is home theater. Anyhow, I'm going to start by saying what has DVD become? I remember in 1998 when I got my first unit, being somewhat questionable of the format. At the time, I had been an avid laserdisc collector. The biggest reason I got a DVD player was for Dolby Digital sound because my LD player did not have AC-3. Anyhow, since that time DVD has blossomed more than we ever thought. But we, we the members of this forum, we that love film and respect it must fight to keep DVD just like laserdisc was: a video format that maintains the true intent of a given film. Whether that be through OAR or director cuts, we must make sure the studios know that we the people are not feeble minded and want our films to be able to be viewed in the best way possible. Give us digital sound, give us original sound mixes, give us ANAMORPHIC widescreen. While we're at it, I make a call out to the studios to educate the masses on aspect ratio and why it is important. I'm a film student and I totally object to watching Pan and Scam. I want the movie the way its creator wanted it to be seen. So there is my two cents on things. Don't worry, there shall be more to come from this keyboard ladies and germs. But for now, adieu.
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    I got my player back in June 1997 when there were only 10 titles available (total) in Canada. I have seen the format go through some really rough times. Many things have tried to threaten it (remember DIVX, Circuit City?). This is one more battle in the war that we will eventually win, but we have to be very vocal. I can't stand it when some people (especially people new to the format) complain about our complaining, but one has to understand that the changes and improvements in the format, the disks etc are due to people that let it be known what they expect out of the format.
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