The frustration of buying tv-dvd sets now....

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by todd s, Oct 18, 2005.

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    I just went to Costco to pickup season 4 of the Twilight Zone definite edition. They had it cheaper than I seen elsewhere $55.99. Then I noticed if you buy any of the other seasons at the same save an additional $25. I then notice WB season sets on sale for $15.99 and Paramount sets around the same price.
    I was so angry and frustrated. I paid twice those amounts whe the dvd's came out and at the time got them cheaper then most places were selling. I understand this happens with any product after the initial release. Just doesn't make me feel any better. And why I have been holding off buying certain tv sets because I am hoping they get cheaper. The tv-on-dvd enthusiast in me gets nervous, because if sales aren't good on a show...Then who knows if the studios will release more seasons. [​IMG]
  2. Scott Kimball

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    No different from book or music sales. The strategy isn't new. Plan ahead.

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    Yeah, I get why you're bummed (I've experienced the same thing) but I've gotten to watch the sets instead of waiting for a price drop.

    A perfect example is The X-Files sets that are dropping in price to around $40 or so (when discounted) and I paid around $90 to $100 (discounted from $150 MSRP) when they first came out. The way I look at it is that in the nearly six years that I've owned the first season of that show, I have gotten way more enjoyment of it than the $60 I would have saved but waiting years to get it cheaper.
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    Ditto the above post. Agreed, seeing something priced cheaper later is a frustration in collecting, but it's one we should be pretty used to at this point; as pointed out above, it does happen with other media as well. I buy some things immediately -- just the "need to have it NOW" thang -- but a lot of stuff gets back-burnered indefinitely. If I paid more for it to have it sooner, well, that was a choice I made. If I waited because it wasn't a high priority for me and I later saw it cheaper, well, that was a choice I made too!

    One thing the way-cheap prices do is encourage me to buy things that, frankly, weren't even back-burner items for me. Did I *need* to have S1 of "Everybody Loves Raymond"? Er, no -- while I enjoyed the episodes I saw back when it started, it wasn't a high priority, and there's too much coming out right now that *is* to give it much thought. But to get the first season for less than a typical feature film costs when it's new -- well, it's hard for me to resist that.

    OTOH, there are some things I'll definitely pay to get early. When "Serenity" hits retail, I'll be buying it on the day it's released. It'll undoubtedly be half the price six months later, but that's one I will definitely need to have immediately....


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