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The Final Cut Review (1 Viewer)

Dave Hackman

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 11, 2000
Great movie enjoyed escaping into this cold sci-fi mystery that was interestingly written and directed. The lead character played by Robin Williams seemed like family for some unknown reason. His story took place in an earthbound futuristic society that has the technological ability to record every living memory of its citizens at a reasonable no haggle price. This would be great for Alzheimer’s suffers.

Alan Hakman is the lead character whose ability to detach from his clients various indiscretions enables him to achieve a reputation as the best cutter around. He is asked to work on a women’s husband who used to be a high power lawyer at the implants main headquarters. He relishes in handling the harder cases and begins work as usual, but soon finds a memory that personally effects him and invokes a need to push deeper into his clients life. His home is equipped with cutting wheels that are set up like a DMC championship turntablist spinning memories back and forth at an incredible beat juggling rate. He finds himself in a mix of retrieving personal info, work and becoming a target for a growing movement that wish to stop these unnatural recordings.

All the actors are well cast and each is an asset to the story. The overall flow is laidback and sort of depressing, but this isn’t a feel good story so it’s appropriate. Stay away if you can’t sit still without tons of action to keep you awake. I would have enjoyed seeing more character development and more time given to the little sub stories like the young girl, girlfriend and movement but who doesn’t want more of something good. I didn’t find anything that was desperately in need of being rewritten or cut and enjoyed my viewing experience.


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