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The Fall Guy: Season 2 ... coming ? sorta ? maybe ? who knows! (1 Viewer)


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Jul 3, 2005
ChrisCook said:
Fine, if you want the same butchering as the first season. There is no point in releasing it here if Fox is only to going to put out what was released over there. We've waited since June '07 for what exactly? I want to see a music-intact season release the studio should've done the first time and not charged a higher than usual price point for no apparent reason. This is also the season when it became popular due to Markie Post joining the cast. Also, don't get me started over the fact that I dug the info on the music replacement and lack of disclaimer on the back for Season 1. I was already to purchase this when this came to light.
There’s a high cult audience for this, and as a very big fan of "The Fall Guy", I don't appreciate being screwed any further by Fox Home Entertainment. For agreeing to license out (especially) "Rhoda" and others to Shout however, they have my sincerest thanks. Why can't they do that for this one?
So no, I for one don't want to "just see the show on DVD".
But we all know how the studios operate. There are necessary evils throughout. Long waits, syndicated cuts, and music replacements(or omissions). How much of the music will be cut for season 2? It can't possibly be that much can it? If you are a fan of the show wouldn't it be better to watch the majority of the show intact, and for the music changes...just skip those episodes. If you are that opposed to them that is. I'm still very against syndicated episodes, but music changes (especially if it's just one episode) were never that big a deal to me.
At least we got the theme song

Life is too short man. Just enjoy what you can, while you can. If you can't get past the music change, then I guess both the studio, and you lose.


Jan 20, 2009
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Udo Hopi
This is just an FYI to all those Fall Guy Fans. I myself am not a Fall Guy fan per se. I did watch it when it was on regular broadcast televison.

I have been anxiously awaiting the Season 2 release because I sold a song I wrote and performed to 20th Century Fox for use in the DVD release of The Fall Guy.

I don't know all the details of why they don't keep the original music from the original broadcast, but I would have to assume it isn't cost effective to pay the large dollar amounts to all the artists who's music appeared in the original. Using songs from artists like myself, keeps their costs down, and allows a person like myself to get some exposure.

I hope it's released soon! I don't even know where or how they exactly used my song!

Aryn Leroux

Aug 19, 2001
Did anyone happen to pick up the Region 2 set of Season 2 ? It has been out for about a month now. I am getting set to order it myself, just curious to hear if the music is intact on this one or not.

Christian Preischl

Oct 11, 2001
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Christian Preischl
Oh, I see. Since the UK set's also being released by FOX it is highly unlikely that it's any different. But who knows, maybe this set is the exception to the rule.
I doubt it, though, particularly since the running times over at the BBFC web site seem to match the German running times.


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Aug 11, 2006
I wonder if season 2 will come out after the remake starring The Rock makes it to theaters.

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