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The Essential Barclay James Harvest? (1 Viewer)

Peter Overduin

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Jun 30, 1997
I used to follow this group when I lived in Germany in the 80's, and then they went 'rock' and I lost interest. Recently heard the 'Hymn' and thought I would revisit this once awesome group when, at one time, they were ELO, Fleetwood Mac and Supertramp all rolled into one with a superbly rich ballad style harmonic and deep lyrics.

They would make a fanatastic SACD or DVD-Audio, but am interested in recommendations here. What are now considered to be their best albums? Thanks

Charles Gurganus

Supporting Actor
Mar 2, 1999
Gone To Earth and Octoberon from their middle period.

Everyone Is Everybody Else is kind of the record where they started going more toward the pop/rock sound on side 2. Side one is more like their earlier 4 records, which are considered there best (Barclay James Harvest, Once Again, Baby James Harvest, and BJH and Other Short Stories).

For the later period....really the only one I like all the way through is Turn Of The Tide.

If you just start with one, get Gone To Earth. I like Everyone probably the best (AMG gives it a 2 star which is just plain WRONG). If you perfer the more orcastrated sound get Baby James Harvest. These 3 plus Turn Of The Tide will give you slices of how they progressed.

The "they went rock" was just them trying to find a way to make some money or actually come up with a hit single. They lost a lot of old fans with this move (and Wooly leaving) but the earlier stuff, while they had some fans, just couldn't get it to the masses. It is a shame.

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