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Aug 3, 2013
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Gavin Kopp
A while back there was a poll here about wether people liked when a movie or show begins with the ending. The consensus seemed to be that it all depends on how it's handled.

Unfortunately The English doesn't handle this well. The trailers marketed this show as a Western revenge story about an English woman who has to partner with an Indian.

I won't spoilerize since it's literally the first scene in the show. But it starts with Emily Blunt mourning the death of the Indian she loved, complete with an old photograph of the two, and how she set out to avenge her child's death but instead found something more. It then cuts to 13 years earlier.

So if the main character is already over the death of her child, and understands the bigger picture, why am I supposed to care if she gets her revenge? I already know how it turns out emotionally.

It just seems like 13 years earlier would have been the place to start storywise, and let the love story happen along the way.

Other than that, it looks absolutely stunning. So bright, colorful and such detail. I've always had issues with 4k on Amazon, but not here. It's simply gorgeous. And the sound mix is top notch too. There is a rifle blast near the beginning that has a lot of kick and boom and echoed through my room.

I'll probably stick with it because it looks so good, and I can hope there are some surprises, but I didn't think it got off to a real good start.

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