The ending of Working Girl (spoilers, I guess...)

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    I was told by a flat mate who did drama and film during my first year that Working Girl has an alternate ending in the States, compared to over here.
    IMDB lists no other versions however.
    In the UK, all the versions I've ever seen end with a beginning pullback from Tess' office window (where she is of course looking v. positive) straight to shot of the office block and a helicopter sweep over the city.
    I was told that the U.S. ending is slightly more sinister: aparently we pull back from Tess' office more deliberately, showing that while she feels she's got somewhere she is surrounded by hundreds of identical offices with, identically placed staff (or something like that). A kind of dark and slightly subversive note to end on.
    back then (1995) I hadn't the resources at my fingertips I have now!! [​IMG] So the question is, is this true? And if it's not the case on any version out there, was such an ending filmed?
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    I remember it's the same as the UK version.


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