The ending of the movie Jade....(spoilers)..

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    In the end of the movie David Caruso's character is seen going into the house of Chazz Palminteri's character after hearing him confess. What is the consensus as to what happens after the movie ends. Does he go and arrest Chazz's character or does he just forget about it. I mean he does tape the confession. But, he hid his cufflink from the police that would have put him at the murder scene. I think he lets him off. He just keeps the tape for insurance and to prove to himself that his good friend did it.
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    I have never seen the whole film yet...but the R version does come on HBO while the Unrated version is shown on Cinemax.....i caught the very end of both versions before & remembered the part with Davic C gonig into CP's house was'nt in the R version,it ended before that scene.

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