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The Disney DVD Party: My Suggested "Educational" Script (Long) (1 Viewer)


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Jan 10, 2000
One of the ideas I suggested on the lengthy Disney thread was to have the Disney characters explain widescreen. David Lambert seemed to like the idea, and he included the suggestion in an e-mail he sent to Disney. Well, I've given the idea some thought, and I've come up with the following script. I know that Disney could do a lot better, but at least it mentions some of the core ideas regarding widescreen. I'm of course going to send the script to Disney as my way of requesting OAR presentations on all movies. I tried to keep it relatively short, but it's amazing how much space a few minutes of dialogue can take! Anyway, here is my suggested script. Any comments would be most welcome.



Scene: Donald Duck (DD) has invited his friends Mickey Mouse (MM), Goofy (G) and Ludwig Von Drake (L) over to his house to watch a DVD with him on his new DVD player, which he is using for the very first time. After hooking it up and starting a movie, the following conversation ensues:

DD: In the inimitable Donald Duck style) Yak Yak Yak. Hey what are these ugly black bars on my television???!!! Yak Yak Yak.

MM: Why doesn’t the picture fill the screen?

G: (humming) Oh the world owes me a full screen…

L: What’s the problem, guys?

DD: I just bought this Disney DVD and look at the ugly black bars!! Yak Yak Yak!

L: Well, you’re seeing the movie the way it was shown at the theater. This TV screen is almost square, see?

MM: Yeah, but so what?

L: But the screen at the theater is much wider than it is tall, like this rectangle.

DD: So what? I don’t like these black bars. Yak Yak Yak!

L: They’re not really black bars, Donald, they’re just areas of the screen that aren’t used.

MM: But the whole screen should always be filled. I’ve rented lots of movies and I’ve never seen black bars until Donald Duck got this DVD player. Why?

DD: Yeah, and I don’t like the black bars. Or unused areas of the screen either. Yak Yak Yak. I want to see the whole movie like I’ve always done.

L: Well, actually you are seeing the whole movie. Nothing is being chopped off from the top and nothing is being chopped off from the bottom.

DD: But there must be something missing! Why isn’t the whole screen filled?

L: Let me show you some examples. Remember this scene from (Insert Disney title here)? Look at the image in widescreen. Now here’s the same shot in full screen. See how ______ is not even in the picture anymore?

MM: Yeah, but that’s only one example. I bet there aren’t any others.

L: Actually, you could choose almost any movie made in the last 50 years. Here’s a scene from (Insert different Disney title here) in widescreen. Now, here’s the fullframe version of the same scene. And look, _______ is completely cut out of the picture. And look how the camera has to shift from one part of the image to another, back and forth. It’s enough to make you seasick! You’re NEVER seeing the entire image at one time. It’s called Pan&Scan, but sometimes it’s also called fullframe, which is completely inaccurate, because you’re not seeing the whole image. Unfortunately, that’s the way almost all movies on television and even home video are shown. But now with DVD, we’re finally able to see a movie the way it was filmed. Donald, you wouldn’t want to be left out of a shot, would you?

D: Yak Yak Yak, you better not cut me out! Yak Yak Yak!

L: And Goofy, don’t you want to see a movie on your television just as you saw it at the theater, rather than having part of it chopped off?

G: Uh, yeah, I guess I would.

MM: I guess I would too. But what happens if I buy that new widescreen TV I’ve been looking at?

L: Then it’s even worse to have “full frame”. Because when you go to widescreen TV, everything that now fills up your regular TV will have bars on both sides of the image on your widescreen TV. So whenever you see the message that “this movie has been formatted to fit your screen”, understand that it only fits the square screen and doesn’t fit the widescreen.

MM: I didn’t know that.

G: Yeah, I didn’t know that either.

DD: So anytime I buy a DVD, I should buy it in widescreen, even if I don’t have a widescreen TV?

L: That’s correct. You’ll be seeing the movie just like you saw it at the theater. Remember, the black bars aren’t covering anything or cutting anything off. They simply allow the movie to look like it did at the theater. Nothing is cut off, distracting camera angle changes are avoided, and everything just looks better. After all, you try to compose everything very carefully when you take a picture, and so does the director of the movie. And when you do get your next television, which will likely be widescreen, you’ll be ready for it. Remember, don’t be bothered by the black bars, they’re just unused areas of the screen, not cut off areas.

MM: Well, you certainly changed my mind. Thanks, Ludwig!

DD: I guess the black bars are OK, since they don’t cut off any part of the picture like I thought. To tell you the truth, I guess I really don’t notice them after a few minutes anyway.

G: But how did widescreen first come about?

L: Well, the history of widescreen is something I can talk about some other time, but right now, let’s just watch the movie.

DD: Good idea!

G: (humming) Oh, the world owes me a widescreen...


Parts of it may be somewhat silly, but I think it helps educate people about widescreen in a slightly humorous fasion without being condescending (hopefully). Obviously there's room for other topics (such as why widescreen came about), but that just means there's room for other Disney "featurettes" expanding the widescreen information.

Again, your comments are welcome.


Steve K.

edited to correct David Lambert's name

Aaron Silverman

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Jan 22, 1999
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Aaron Silverman
GREAT idea, Steve! I'll look over your script later when I have more time, and share any ideas I come up with.
Glad to see someone taking action instead of just moaning along with the rest of us. ;)


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Mar 4, 2001
Catfisch Cinema
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Steve - that's a great idea! It would be fun and helpful to have various shorts like that (I'd like to see an "Itch and Scratchy Explain OAR" short :) )

Michael St. Clair

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May 3, 1999
You really ought to put Scrooge McDuck in there, with thick scottish accent.
"Laddie, there is no way I'm spending my hard-earned money on DVD if you cut part of the movie off! What am I paying for?"

Jason Seaver

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Jun 30, 1997
It's a little talky and would probably run long - you might want to go for something very quick, and be just as entertaining as informative...


(Donald runs through the door)

Donald: Ohboyohboyohboy! My new movie's just come out on video!

(Huey, Dewey and Louie try to sneak out, but Donald grabs them and throws them into the TV room)

Donald: Here we go!

(Donald inserts the tape into the VCR, and the movie comes up, in full screen. On the screen, Mickey and Goofy are OK but the cropping runs straight through Donald, so you only see half of him)

Donald: Wak? What's going on? Why, if I find out who did this... (grumbles incoherently)

Huey: This wouldn't have happened if you got the widescreen Disney DVD!

Donald: Huh?

Dewey: Yeah, the widescreen version shows the movie just like it was in the theater!

Donald: It does?

Louie: That's right - and I've got one right here!

Donald: OK!

(Donald ejects the tape, throws it out the window, and puts the DVD is. The movie starts up again, only in widescreen. Donald is still half cut-off, but now you can very clearly see Huey, Dewey, and Louie in the frame, on the other side of Goofy)

H, D & L: Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better.

(Donald throws a fit in the background, while the camera irises in. Then it irises out just enough for Hueyto stick his head out)

HUEY: Get the whole picture, with widescreen Disney DVD!


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Jun 30, 1997
I would go even simpler:


SCENE Mickey in the park looking for Pluto.

"Pluto - Here boy!" etc.

"Hmmm wonder where he could be? Oh I've got an idea."

MM walks twords camera and "pulls" the image back revealing a widescreen image with pluto on one side. He then leaps in Mickeys arms.

Then simply fade to text saying something like "Widescreen - Get the whole picture"


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Nov 16, 2000

I really love the other scripted out explanations - they're accurate and something kids would probably understand in (somewhat) their terms - But the visual pulling back of the screen into the WS landscape is just brilliant - No other words necessary to get the idea across... Beautiful....


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Jan 10, 2000
Well, I've never claimed to be succinct! I guess I wrote too many research papers in college! :)
Seriously, there are some great ideas in here, from the super quick to the long-winded. All are great ideas. It just goes to show there's a lot of ways to get the point across, none of which have been used by Disney or any other studio to educate consumers. Instead, Disney and other studios are simply releasing P&S with no attempt to inform.
Disney, there's some good ideas in here, and I'm sure others will be added. Put your creative geniuses to work and let's start informing the public about the beauty of widescreen and why it exists.
As said above, "Widescreen...get the picture?"
Steve K.

Larry Gardner

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Nov 1, 2000
How about Donald or Mickey watching the Florida State Lottery drawing on a 4x3 TV, where the winning lottery number is displayed on the TV - only to be cropped left/right - thereby eliminating the winning lottery number?

David Lambert

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Aug 3, 2001
I think all three versions are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC!
SteveK, your original version is just fine...not too long in my mind. Just the right amount of Disney hilarity...
...But not short enough to be shown as a "mandatory" thing before the film starts. MillerCV's version would be a perfect "can't skip, can't fast-forward", 30-second spot that goes in front of the picture.
SteveK, yours could be the extended "bonus" cartoon, Why Widescreen?, included on every DVD.
Jason, your idea is fine, too...except the part about Unca Donald still being cut off. It's funny, but sends the wrong message. Get rid of that, and it's a great alternate version, and something sort of in-the-middle of the other two.
But, the idea that Disney will adopt ANY of these is just a dream for now. Until I becomes reality, I will content myself with this song:
Link RemovedWhen you wish upon a star, you do not get O-A-R... Link Removed

Shayne Lebrun

Jun 17, 1999
Oooh Oooh I just got a WONDERFUL IDEA (TM).

It'll just take me a little while to whip it up after I take me daughter to school.


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