"The disc is dirty", strange situation.

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Boston, Jan 24, 2012.

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    OK guys, hear me out with this. Sony DVP- NS715P cd/dvd player approx. 10 yrs. old. Bought a few instructional dvds from Gunvideo.com apprx. 5 yrs. ago. I watched them a few times over last 5 years, always put back in cases, they look perfect. Recently went to play them, "The disc is dirty", message comes up. Looked at them, OK, wiped them off properly, put back in, message still comes up. Tried playing them on another dvd player( newer one) in house, they worked fine. Used a disc cleaner on original dvd player, then discs played fine. Next day to make sure tried to play, "The disc is dirty", message comes up again ! Played many other dvds in the player, no message comes up. Played same dvds on my computer, no problems. The thing is, I want to buy more dvds from this company. So... If the problem is my dvd player, why do all other dvds play with no, "The disc is dirty", message? If the problem is inferior quality dvds from this company, why do they play fine on the other dvd player and in my computer? Possibly not the greatest quality dvds combined with 10 yr. old dvd player is the problem? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Regards, Paul
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    Just a guess - but it sounds like a firmware issue with the 10 year old player - or something else specific to that player and those disks. I would make sure that you have the latest firmware installed if possible... Since you can "clean" the player and have it work once....it may be an alignment, dust or other issue as well. (just making guesses at this point) If not an easy firmware fix - at least you have workaround of using another player - and have gotten 10 years worth of movie watching from your old one. Standard DVD players are very cheap now a days, and you could use this as an excuse to upgrade to a blue-ray player....many of those can be found for under $100.00 and will play both DVD and blue ray disks...

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