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The difference between Grado SR125's and Sennheiser HD 590s. (1 Viewer)


Oct 25, 2000
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My Grado's (SR125) that I had for 2 years crapt out on me last fall. I really enjoyed these cans and knew it was time to buy a new set. But instead of going back to Grado, I wanted to keep a open mind and try others.

I then discovered the Sennheiser HD590's. Simply put, they blow the Grados' away. Not just with sound but in many factors. Granted, the Senns are almost $100.00 more but to me its completly justified. First off, the Grados' have a very forward sound...great for rock music loud. But the Senns have the soft detail that I have always wanted, the music just feels so natural.

I'm not the best at describing sound but I can tell you other factors that helped me in my buying decision. I did want an open air design just like the Grado's and these Senns are. Excellent. I needed a 1/8 jack instead of the 1/4 that the Grads had, the adapter that I needed to use when listening to them was big and bulky...it affecting how the jack sat within the portable player and it was easy to wiggle around in the unit thus cutting out the left phone. This really sucked and annoyed the hell out of me. So, the Senns had a 1/8 jack, eliminating these problems. And to boot, they disconnect at the earpiece!! So if something ever goes wrong with the chord, thats all I need to replace. No sodering or taking things apart to check for potential problems. Also, the chord stays nice and straight and is thin and rubbery, whereas the Grado's chord was more rigid and tended to twist and curl around. It was like I could feel the weight of this massive chord pulling on my ears .... Another huge issue is comfort. These Senns are very plush, soft and feel right. My ears just love them, especially after listening to the Grado's for 2 years. Grad's have got to be the most uncomftorable headphones known to mankind. After a couple hours my ears would always be aching. They would actually sort of go numb after extended listening (3+ hours), I would be forced to take them off for a while because of this.

Just thought I would let anyone know that if their in the market for some good cans, I have owned a pair of Sennheiser and Grado. Sound is of course subjective, but my opinion is that the Sennheiser's are much better. Even to the point as when I was first listening to them I looked at my audio dealer that I have been going to for years and said, after a dozen minutes or so of hearing music that "these put the Grados' to shame". He agreed saying his tastes too are with Senns. But its not just sound that make these superior, its all the little things that add up to make them much better.


Rob Rodier

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Jul 11, 2002
The best thing about Sennheisers is that they are comfortable!!! My Grados used to kill me after a while.

Glad you like em, enjoy.



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Apr 15, 2003
My grados hurt after a hour or so of listening. They crapped out on me after a year and I would never buy another pair. They just felt too uncomfortable. This was using comfort mods too. They sounded good though.


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Dec 1, 2002
oddly, I find my sr60s very comfortable. especially after how bad my last pair of sonys were.

Alex F.

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Aug 29, 1999
My SR125s were a bit tight, too, until I bent the headband outward a bit. They then became very comfortable.

Sonically, using a Denon AVP-8000 pre-pro and a Sony 7000 DVD player as the CD source, I find the 125s extremely smooth, and neutral to slightly laid back, never forward. They are terrific for both rock and classical, and anything else I've thrown at them.

Mine look and perform like new after about four years of use.

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