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noel aguirre

Nov 28, 2011
New York City
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Thanks for the review. I love this film and am anxiously awaiting my copy of the blu-ray.

Regarding the film's budget I found this interesting article from the AFI which cites "the file on the film in the Paramount Collection at the AMPAS Library". That seems to give the figures at least an air of authority. I know budgets can be framed in different ways for different audiences. So maybe it's more like "hot air" of authority :). And I further know I'm supremely ignorant on these matters compared to others in this thread.

Anyway, for what it's worth, it notes an initial production budget quoted from said file of just under $2.5 million for 48 days of shooting, but then goes on to say:

So, while not a clear source for where the 4M number might have come from, it's at least approaching the neighborhood.
That is $4M, rounded. I’m a corporate financial analyst and have been number crunching the last 2 months and we round all the time in supportive notes to financial statements. Also the numbers make sense especially if they incurred a lot of overtime (48days budgeted vs 76actual!) and with all those tricky directed sequences like the fencing mentioned. Just that title sequence alone cost quite a sum.
On another note only 2 more months left of craziness and stress for me- it will be over after the 1st quarter closes!
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May 22, 1999
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I pre-ordered this the day it was up on Amazon. While I would have liked a bit more substantial supplements, not to mention a Perspecta option for the sound... it's wonderful to finally get rid of the 4th oldest DVD in my collection and from a beautiful new 4K restoration.

Yeah, I had the same DVD, which was soft and faded. This Blu is revelatory. On my display, it comes across as pinkish (especially flesh tones), but that can be remedied with tint control. This color really looks like Technicolor. Sharp as a razor edge, thanks to VistaVision. Beautiful release. Keep it up, Paramount Presents! I look forward to DRAGONSLAYER.

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