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The Complete Are You Being Served?: Series 6-10 specs (1 Viewer)

Brandon Gantt

Second Unit
Feb 20, 2002
From the BBC America Shop preorder page:

The Complete Are You Being Served? Collection: Series 6-10

Release Date: 9/30/2003

Attention shoppers!

Your favorite dysfunctional sales staff is back with more mischief, more hilarity and more hair colors! Join Mr. Humphries, Mrs. Slocombe, Miss Brahms, Captain Peacock, Mr. Lucas and the rest of the gang as they make shopping at Grace Brothers the comic experience of a lifetime.

The staff has been hard-at-work polishing and pressing all 35 classic episodes from series 6-10 of f this beloved BBC comedy series, many available on video for the first time. Also included is a bonus disc containing interviews, television specials and other goodies featuring the Are You Being Served? cast.

Volume Eight: By Appointment - The Club - Do You Take This Man - Shedding the Load - A Bliss Girl – Happy Returns

Volume Nine: The Junior - Strong Stuff this Insurance - The Apartment - Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person - The Hero - Anything You Can Do

Volume Ten: The Agent - The Punch and Judy Affair - Is it Catching? - A Personal Problem - Front Page Story - Sit Out

Volume Eleven: Heir Apparent - Closed Circuit - The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe - Roots? - Sweet Smell of Success - Conduct Unbecoming

Volume Twelve: Memories are Made of This - Calling all Customers - Monkey Business - Lost and Found- Goodbye Mrs. Slocombe - Grounds for Divorce

Volume Thirteen: The Hold-Up - Gambling Fever - The Night Club - Friends and Neighbors - The Pop Star.


Volume 14 – Exclusive Bonus Disc "The Best of Are You Being Served?": Mr. Humphries looks back at Grace Brothers' funniest moments

"Celebrating Mollie Sugden: An Are You Being Served? Special "
A brand new special featuring the Are You Being Served? cast celebrating the life and career of Mollie Sugden

Are You Being Served? Again! (aka, Grace and Favour) – Episode One – Join the Are You Being Served? cast as they leave the department store behind and head for Young Mr. Grace's country hotel.

Who's Who, Trailers and more!

Steve Phillips

Jan 18, 2002
That's nice that they have the first GRACE AND FAVOUR show on there. I hope they do a set of all 12 shows at some point.


Second Unit
Feb 12, 2003
I can't wait! I have the first box set, and I can't wait to complete the collection. "Glass of water for Mr. Grainger!" Thanks Warner!

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