The Columbia/Sony Wishlist Thread...Part 2

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    See original thread here: The Columbia/Sony Wishlist Thread
    So I happened upon the original thread the other day and started reading it again. I was surprised to see that in the 4 years since it was created, approximately 70% of HTF members' title suggestions have been released either through the Sony MOD Choice Collection or through third party licensing. That's quite a significant amount and I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates it. (Do we have Mike S. in part to thank? :) )

    Anyway, I thought it was be nice to resuscitate and continue the thread to give Sony some more ideas on what to release by gauging interest. Also, it might spice up the selections for the Choice Collection which have been a bit stale lately. I've removed all the titles from the list that have been released, and a few that we know for sure don't belong to Sony, I've added a good amount of new titles that were left out last time, some from my own wishlist and some I've seen other members mention in various threads. Don't be shy to suggest anything that you want that I left out.

    I hope this helps. Keep up the great work guys.

    Requested Titles: (+1 means two people have requested the title; +2 means three people have requested the title, etc.)


    [*]Mexicali Rose (1929) - Erle C. Kenton
    [*]The Donovan Affair (1929) - Frank Capra
    [*]Flight (1929) - Frank Capra

    [*]Holiday (1930) - Edward H. Griffith
    [*]A Dangerous Affair (1931) - Edward Sedgwick
    [*]Dirigible (1931) - Frank Capra
    [*]The Deceiver (1931) - Louis King
    [*]The Range Feud (1931) - D. Ross Lederman
    [*]The Final Edition (1932) - Howard Higgin
    [*]The Menace (1932) - Roy William Neill
    [*]The Night Club Lady (1932) - Irving Cummings
    [*]Ann Carver's Profession (1933) - Edward Buzzell
    [*]As The Devil Commands (1933) - Roy William Neill
    [*]Child of Manhattan (1933) - Edward Buzzell
    [*]The Circus Queen Murder (1933) - Roy William Neill
    [*]Fog (1933) - Albert S. Rogell
    [*]Man's Castle (1933) - Frank Borzage (+1)
    [*]Night of Terror (1933) - Benjamin Stoloff
    [*]Girl in Danger (1934) - D. Ross Lederman
    [*]Mills of the Gods (1934) - Roy William Neill
    [*]The Ninth Guest (1934) - Roy William Neill
    [*]One Night of Love (1934) - Victor Schertzinger
    [*]The Prescott Kid (1934) - David Selman
    [*]Crime and Punishment (1935) - Josef von Sternberg (+2)
    [*]She Married Her Boss (1935) - Gregory La Cava (+2)
    [*]Super-Speed (1935) - Lambert Hillyer
    [*]Craig's Wife (1936) - Dorothy Arzner (+1)
    [*]Killer at Large (1936) - David Selman
    [*]The King Steps Out (1936) - Josef von Sternberg
    [*]Legion of Terror (1936) - Charles C. Coleman
    [*]The Man Who Lived Twice (1936) - Harry Lachman
    [*]The League of Frightened Men (1937) - Alfred E. Green
    [*]The Shadow (1937) - Charles C. Coleman
    [*]Hidden Power (1939) - Lewis D. Collins
    [*]Romance of the Redwoods (1939) - Charles Vidor
    [*]Those High Grey Walls (1939) - Charles Vidor
    [*]Two-Fisted Rangers (1939) - Joseph H. Lewis

    [*]Blazing Six Shooters (1940) - Joseph H. Lewis
    [*]The Man from Tumbleweeds (1940) - Joseph H. Lewis
    [*]The Return of Wild Bill (1940) - Joseph H. Lewis
    [*]Texas Stagecoach (1940) - Joseph H. Lewis
    [*]He Stayed for Breakfast (1940) - Alexander Hall
    [*]This Thing Called Love (1940) - Alexander Hall
    [*]Bedtime Story (1941) - Alexander Hall
    [*]Confessions of Boston Blackie (1941) - Edward Dmytryk
    [*]Secrets of the Lone Wolf (1941) - Edward Dmytryk
    [*]Sweetheart of the Campus (1941) - Edward Dmytryk
    [*]Under Age (1941) - Edward Dmytryk
    [*]The Blonde from Singapore (1941) - Edward Dmytryk
    [*]The Face Behind the Mask (1941) - Robert Florey
    [*]Our Wife (1941) - John M. Stahl
    [*]They Dare Not Love (1941) - James Whale/Charles Vidor/Victor Fleming
    [*]The Adventures of Martin Eden a.k.a. High Seas (1942) - Sidney Salkow
    [*]The Lady Is Willing (1942) - Mitchell Leisen (+1)
    [*]The Wife Takes a Flyer (1942) - Richard Wallace
    [*]They All Kissed the Bride (1942) - Alexander Hall (+1)
    [*]Reveille with Beverly (1943) - Charles Barton
    [*]Cry of the Werewolf (1944) - Henry Levin
    [*]None Shall Escape (1944) - André De Toth
    [*]A Guy, a Gal and a Pal (1945) - Budd Boetticher
    [*]A Thousand and One Nights (1945) - Alfred E. Green
    [*]Pardon My Past (1945) - Leslie Fenton
    [*]Youth on Trial (1945) - Budd Boetticher
    [*]Gallant Journey (1946) - William A. Wellman
    [*]The Man Who Dared (1946) - John Sturges
    [*]Shadowed (1946) - John Sturges
    [*]Blind Spot (1947) - Robert Gordon (+ 3)
    [*]For the Love of Rusty (1947) - John Sturges
    [*]Gunfighters (1947) - George Waggner
    [*]It Had to Be You (1947) - Don Hartman / Rudolph Maté
    [*]Keeper of the Bees (1947) - John Sturges
    [*]Last of the Redmen (1947) - George Sherman
    [*]Law of the Canyon (1947) - Ray Nazarro
    [*]Best Man Wins (1948) - John Sturges
    [*]The Dark Past (1948) - Rudolph Maté (+1)
    [*]I Love Trouble (1948) - S. Sylvan Simon
    [*]Ladies of the Chorus (1948) - Phil Karlson
    [*]The Mating of Millie (1948) - Henry Levin
    [*]The Return Of October (1948) - Joseph H. Lewis (+1)
    [*]The Sign of the Ram (1948) - John Sturges
    [*]Thunderhoof (1948) - Phil Karlson
    [*]To the Ends of the Earth (1948) - Robert Stevenson (+1)
    [*]Whirlwind Raiders (1948) - Vernon Keays
    [*]Anna Lucasta (1949) - Irving Rapper
    [*]Chinatown at Midnight (1949) - Seymour Friedman
    [*]The Adventures of Sir Galahad (1949) - Spencer Gordon Bennet
    [*]The Devil’s Henchman (1949) - Seymour Friedman
    [*]The Reckless Moment (1949) - Max Ophüls (+2)

    [*]Across the Badlands (1950) - Fred F. Sears
    [*]Cargo to Capetown (1950) - Earl McEvoy
    [*]The Clouded Yellow (1950) - Ralph Thomas (+2)
    [*]The Flying Missile (1950) - Henry Levin
    [*]Operation X a.k.a. My Daughter Joy (1950) - Gregory Ratoff
    [*]The Good Humor Man (1950) - Lloyd Bacon (+2)
    [*]The Great Manhunt a.k.a. State Secret (1950) - Sidney Gilliat
    [*]The Woman in Question (1950) - Anthony Asquith (+2)
    [*]Woman Of Distinction (1950) - Edward Buzzell
    [*]Hurricane Island (1951) - Lew Landers
    [*]Never Trust a Gambler (1951) - Ralph Murphy
    [*]Pickup (1951) - Hugo Haas
    [*]Lorna Doone (1951) - Phil Karlson
    [*]Mask of the Avenger (1951) - Phil Karlson
    [*]The Texas Rangers (1951) - Phil Karlson
    [*]Saturday’s Hero (1951) - David Miller
    [*]Ten Tall Men (1951) - Willis Goldbeck
    [*]The Barefoot Mailman (1951) - Earl McEvoy
    [*]The Brave Bulls (1951) - Robert Rossen
    [*]The Whistle at Eaton Falls (1951) - Robert Siodmak
    [*]The Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951) - Seymour Friedman
    [*]Valentino (1951) - Lewis Allen
    [*]Boots Malone (1952) - William Dieterle
    [*]California Conquest (1952) - Lew Landers
    [*]Strange Fascination (1952) - Hugo Haas
    [*]The Four Poster (1952) - Irving Reis
    [*]The Happy Time (1952) - Richard Fleischer
    [*]China Venture (1953) - Don Siegel
    [*]El Alamein (1953) - Fred F. Sears
    [*]Fort Ti (1953) - William Castle
    [*]Slaves of Babylon (1953) - William Castle
    [*]Serpent of the Nile (1953) - William Castle
    [*]Last of the Comanches (1953) - André De Toth
    [*]Mission Over Korea (1953) - Fred F. Sears
    [*]Prince of Pirates (1953) - Sidney Salkow
    [*]Drums of Tahiti (1954) - William Castle
    [*]Jesse James vs. The Daltons (1954) - William Castle
    [*]Paratrooper a.k.a. The Red Beret (1953) - Terence Young (+1)
    [*]The Detective a.k.a. Father Brown (1954) - Robert Hamer
    [*]Fire Over Africa a.k.a. Malaga (1954) - Richard Sale
    [*]The Black Knight (1954) - Tay Garnett
    [*]The Saracen Blade (1954) - William Castle
    [*]They Rode West (1954) - Phil Karlson
    [*]Hell Below Zero (1954) - Mark Robson
    [*]A Prize of Gold (1955) - Mark Robson
    [*]Bring Your Smile Along (1955) - Blake Edwards
    [*]The Cockleshell Heroes (1955) - José Ferrer
    [*]Chicago Syndicate (1955) - Fred F. Sears
    [*]Count Three And Pray (1955) - George Sherman
    [*]Female Jungle a.k.a. The Hangover (1955) - Bruno VeSota
    [*]He Laughed Last (1956) - Blake Edwards
    [*]Joe MacBeth (1955) - Ken Hughes
    [*]Miami Expose (1956) - Fred F. Sears
    [*]The Gamma People (1956) - John Gilling
    [*]Port Afrique (1956) - Rudolph Mate
    [*]Reprisal! (1956) - George Sherman (+1)
    [*]You Can't Run Away From It (1956) - Dick Powell
    [*]The Hard Man (1957) - George Sherman (+1)
    [*]Abandon Ship! a.k.a. Seven Waves Away (1957) - Richard Sale
    [*]Gunman's Walk (1958) - Phil Karlson (+1)
    [*]Me and the Colonel (1958) - Peter Glenville
    [*]Tank Force a.k.a. No Time to Die (1958) - Terence Young
    [*]This Angry Age (1958) - René Clément
    [*]The Two-Headed Spy (1958) - André De Toth
    [*]Face of a Fugitive (1959) - Paul Wendkos (+1)
    [*]The Last Angry Man (1959) - Daniel Mann
    [*]The Last Blitzkrieg (1959) - Arthur Dreifuss (+1)
    [*]The Legend of Tom Dooley (1959) - Ted Post

    [*]All the Young Men (1960) - Hall Bartlett (+1)
    [*]I Aim at the Stars (1960) - J. Lee Thompson
    [*]Let No Man Write My Epitaph (1960) - Philip Leacock
    [*]The Enemy General (1960) - George Sherman
    [*]The Mountain Road (1960) - Daniel Mann
    [*]Pepe (1960) - George Sidney (+1)
    [*]Cry for Happy (1961) - George Marshall
    [*]Most Dangerous Man Alive (1961) - Allan Dwan
    [*]The Greengage Summer (1961) - Lewis Gilbert
    [*]The Hellions (1961) - Irving Allen/Ken Annakin
    [*]The Best of Enemies (1962) - Guy Hamilton
    [*]A Kind of Loving (1962) - John Schlesinger
    [*]The L-Shaped Room (1962) - Bryan Forbes
    [*]The Underwater City (1962) - Frank McDonald
    [*]Only Two Can Play (1962) - Sidney Gilliat
    [*]Treasure of Silver Lake (1962) - Harald Reinl
    [*]Two Tickets to Paris (1962) - Greg Garrison
    [*]Apache Gold (1963) - Harald Reinl
    [*]Drylanders (1963) - Don Haldane
    [*]The Man From the Diners' Club (1963) - Frank Tashlin
    [*]The Running Man (1963) - Carol Reed (+2)
    [*]The Victors (1963) - Carl Foreman (+2)
    [*]Frontier Hellcat a.k.a. Among Vultures (1964) - Alfred Vohrer
    [*]The New Interns (1964) - John Rich
    [*]Last of the Renegades (1964) - Harald Reinl
    [*]The Brigand of Kandahar (1965) - John Gilling
    [*]The Desperado Trail (1965) - Harald Reinl
    [*]Rampage at Apache Wells (1965) - Harald Philipp
    [*]The Offering (1966) - David Secter
    [*]Rage (1966) - Gilberto Gazcon
    [*]7 Guns for the MacGregors (1966) - Franco Giraldi
    [*]Three On A Couch (1966) - Jerry Lewis (+1)
    [*]The Big Mouth (1967) - Jerry Lewis
    [*]7 Women for the MacGregors (1967) - Franco Giraldi
    [*]A Time for Killing (1967) - Phil Karlson
    [*]Enter Laughing (1967) - Carl Reiner
    [*]The Ernie Game (1967) - Don Owen
    [*]The Happening (1967) - Elliot Silverstein (+1)
    [*]Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1967) - Henry Levin/Arduino Maiuri
    [*]The Tiger Makes Out (1967) - Arthur Hiller
    [*]30 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia (1968) - Joseph McGrath
    [*]Don’t Let the Angels Fall (1968) - George Kaczender
    [*]The Desperados (1969) - Henry Levin
    [*]Pendulum (1969) - George Schaefer
    [*]Run Wild, Run Free (1969) - Richard C. Sarafian

    [*]The Go-Between (1970) - Joseph Losey (+2)
    [*]The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (1970) - Anatole Litvak
    [*]Riverrun (1970) - John Korty
    [*]You Can’t Win ‘Em All (1970) - Peter Collinson
    [*]The Burglars (1971) - Henri Verneuil
    [*]Fools' Parade (1971) - Andrew V. McLaglen
    [*]Black Noon (1971) - Bernard L. Kowalski
    [*]Dad’s Army: The Movie (1971) - Norman Cohen
    [*]Happy Birthday, Wanda June (1971) - Mark Robson
    [*]The Incredible Invasion a.k.a. Alien Terror (1971) - Jose Luis Gonzalez de Leon/Juan Ibanez/Jack Hill
    [*]Run Stranger, Run a.k.a. Happy Mother’s Day, Love George (1973) - Darren McGavin
    [*]The Cat Creature (1973) - Curtis Harrington
    [*]Buster and Billie (1974) - Daniel Petrie/Sidney Sheldon
    [*]Crazy Joe (1974) - Carlo Lizzani
    [*]The Dion Brothers a.k.a. The Gravy Train (1974) - Jack Starrett
    [*]Lovin' Molly (1974) - Sidney Lumet
    [*]Open Season a.k.a. Recon Game (1974) - Peter Collinson
    [*]Stardust (1974) - Michael Apted
    [*]Why Rock the Boat? (1974) - John Howe
    [*]Lies My Father Told Me (1975) - Jan Kadar
    [*]The Black Bird (1975) - David Giler
    [*]The Fortune (1975) - Mike Nichols
    [*]Baby Blue Marine (1976) - John D. Hancock
    [*]The Amsterdam Kill (1977) - Robert Clouse
    [*]A Family Upside Down (1978) - David Lowell Rich
    [*]A Fire in the Sky (1978) - Jerry Jameson
    [*]If Ever I See You Again (1978) - Joseph Brooks
    [*]Remember My Name (1978) - Alan Rudolph
    [*]The Shout (1978) - Jerzy Skolimowski
    [*]Warlords of Atlantis (1978) - Kevin Connor
    [*]Fast Break (1979) - Jack Smight
    [*]From Here to Eternity (1979) - Buzz Kulik
    [*]Ravagers (1979) - Richard Compton
    [*]Skatetown, U.S.A. (1979) - William A. Levey

    [*]Night of the Juggler a.k.a. Pursued (1980) - Robert Butler
    [*]To Find My Son (1980) - Delbert Mann
    [*]Touched by Love (1980) - Gus Trikonis
    [*]The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb (1980) - Philip Leacock
    [*]Goliath Awaits (1981) - Kevin Connor
    [*]Only When I Laugh (1981) - Glenn Jordan
    [*]Desire, the Vampire (1982) - John Llewellyn Moxey
    [*]Honeymoon Horror (1982) - Harry Preston
    [*]Life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice (1982) - Lamont Johnson
    [*]Muggable Mary, Street Cop (1982) - Sandor Stern
    [*]Malibu (1983) - E.W. Swackhamer
    [*]It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (1984) - Peter H. Hunt
    [*]The Last Winter (1984) - Riki Shelach Nissimoff
    [*]The Master of Ballantrae (1984) - Douglas Hickox
    [*]Brotherly Love (1985) - Jeff Bleckner
    [*]Hellhole (1985) - Pierre De Moro
    [*]Little Treasure (1985) - Alan Sharp
    [*]My Man Adam (1985) - Roger L. Simon
    [*]The Other Lover (1985) - Robert Ellis Miller
    [*]8 Million Ways to Die (1986) - Hal Ashby
    [*]A Winner Never Quits (1986) - Mel Damski
    [*]Let’s Get Harry (1986) - Stuart Rosenberg
    [*]One More Saturday Night (1986) - Dennis Klein
    [*]Out of Bounds (1986) - Richard Tuggle
    [*]Outrage! (1986) - Walter Grauman
    [*]Rad (1986) - Hal Needham
    [*]Stewardess School (1986) - Ken Blancato
    [*]There Must Be a Pony (1986) - Joseph Sargent
    [*]The Boss’ Wife (1986) - Ziggy Steinberg
    [*]The Return of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer (1986) - Ray Danton
    [*]Where Are the Children? (1986) - Bruce Malmuth
    [*]Blue Monkey (1987) - William Fruet
    [*]Deadly Illusion (1987) - Larry Cohen/William Tannen
    [*]Gaby: A True Story (1987) - Luis Mandoki
    [*]Happy New Year (1987) - John G. Avildsen
    [*]Hostage (1987) - Hanro Mohr/Percival Rubens
    [*]Mankillers (1987) - David A. Prior
    [*]The Squeeze (1987) - Roger Young
    [*]The Stranger (1987) - Adolfo Aristarain
    [*]White Mischief (1987) - Michael Radford
    [*]Badlands 2005 (1988) - George Miller
    [*]Something is Out There (1988) - Richard A. Colla
    [*]Stars and Bars (1988) - Pat O’Connor
    [*]The People Across the Lake (1988) - Arthur Allan Seidelman
    [*]The Rejuvenator a.k.a. Rejuvenatrix (1988) - Brian Thomas Jones
    [*]The Third Solution (1988) - Pasquale Squitieri
    [*]Wherever You Are… (1988) - Krzysztof Zanussi
    [*]Zelly and Me (1988) - Tina Rathbone
    [*]84C Charlie Mopic a.k.a. 84C MoPic (1989) - Patrick Sheane Duncan
    [*]Cast the First Stone (1989) - John Korty
    [*]Cold Justice (1989) - Terry Green
    [*]Hit List (1989) - William Lustig
    [*]The House of Usher (1989) - Alan Birkinshaw
    [*]Listen to Me (1989) - Douglas Day Stewart
    [*]One Man Out (1989) - Michael Kennedy
    [*]Night Life (1989) - David Acomba
    [*]Sing (1989) - Richard J. Baskin
    [*]Summer Job (1989) - Paul Madden
    [*]Welcome Home (1989) - Franklin J. Schaffner

    [*]Gate II: The Trespassers (1990) - Tibor Takacs
    [*]Mister Frost (1990) - Philippe Setbon
    [*]Pale Blood (1990) - Michael W. Leighton/V.V. Dachin Hsu
    [*]Jezebel’s Kiss (1990) - Harvey Keith
    [*]Little Vegas (1990) - Perry Lang
    [*]Too Much Sun (1990) - Robert Downey Sr.
    [*]To Sleep with Anger (1990) - Charles Burnett
    [*]The Rain Killer (1990) - Ken Stein
    [*]Christmas on Division Street (1991) - George Kaczender
    [*]City of Hope (1991) - John Sayles
    [*]Dune Warriors (1991) - Cirio H. Santiago
    [*]Inner Sanctum (1991) - Fred Olen Ray
    [*]Nervous Ticks (1992) - Rocky Lang
    [*]Severed Ties (1992) - Damon Santostefano
    [*]Shadow of the Wolf (1992) - Jacques Dorfmann/Pierre Magny
    [*]Red Hot (1993) - Paul Haggis
    [*]The Music of Chance (1993) - Philip Haas
    [*]A Man of No Importance (1994) - Suri Krishnamma
    [*]Golden Gate (1994) - John Madden
    [*]Inner Sanctum II (1994) - Fred Olen Ray
    [*]Across the Sea of Time (1995) - Stephen Low
    [*]Denise Calls Up (1995) - Hal Salwen
    [*]Amanda (1996) - Bobby Roth
    [*]Broken English (1996) - Gregor Nicholas
    [*]Murdered Innocence (1996) - Frank Coraci
    [*]Masterminds (1997) - Roger Christian
    [*]Façade (1999) - Carl Colpaert
    Foreign Language

    [*]The Bandit of Brazil a.k.a. O Cangaceiro (1953) - Lima Barreto
    [*]The Last Ten Days a.k.a. Der letzte Akt (1955) - G.W. Pabst
    [*]Sundays and Cybele a.k.a. Les dimanches de Ville d’Avray (1962) - Serge Bourguignon
    [*]Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon a.k.a. Wanpaku ôji no orochi taiji (1963) - Yugo Serikawa
    [*]Hard Time for Princes a.k.a. La congiuntura (1964) - Ettore Scola
    [*]Sandra a.k.a. Vaghe stelle dell’orsa… (1965) - Luchino Visconti
    [*]Superargo Versus Diabolicus a.k.a. Superargo contro Diabolikus (1966) - Nick Nostro
    [*]The Eavesdropper a.k.a. El ojo de la cerradura (1966) - Leopoldo Torre Nilsson
    [*]Montreal Flight 871 a.k.a. YUL 871 (1966) - Jacques Godbout
    [*]Man on Horseback a.k.a. Michael Kohlhaas - Der Rebell (1969) - Volker Schlondorff
    [*]The Things of Life a.k.a. Les choses de la vie (1970) - Claude Sautet
    [*]The Man with Connections a.k.a. Le pistonne (1970) - Claude Berri
    [*]Le Sex Shop a.k.a. Sex-shop (1972) - Claude Berri
    [*]Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me a.k.a. Une belle fille comme moi (1973) - Francois Truffaut
    [*]A Pain in the A… a.k.a. L’emmerdeur (1973) - Edouard Molinaro
    [*]We All Loved Each Other So Much a.k.a. C'eravamo tanto amati (1974) - Ettore Scola
    [*]The Night Caller a.k.a. Fear Over the City a.k.a. Peur sur la ville (1975) - Henri Verneuil
    [*]The Last Woman a.k.a. La derniere femme (1976) - Marco Ferreri
    [*]Trinity: Gambling for High Stakes a.k.a. Odds and Evens a.k.a. Pari e dispari (1978) - Sergio Corbucci
    [*]La vie continue (1981) - Moshe Mizrahi
    [*]Yol (1982) - Serif Goren/Yilmaz Guney
    [*]A Love in Germany a.k.a. Eine Liebe in Deutschland (1983) - Andrzej Wajda
    [*]Sotto Sotto a.k.a. Sotto... sotto... strapazzato da anomala passione (1984) - Lina Wertmuller
    [*]After the Rehearsal a.k.a. Efter repetitionen (1984) - Ingmar Bergman
    [*]Hanussen (1988) - Istvan Szabo
    [*]Time of the Gypsies a.k.a. Dom za vesanje (1988) - Emir Kusturica
    [*]Jacquot a.k.a. Jacquot de Nantes (1991) - Agnes Varda
    [*]House of Angels a.k.a. Anglagard (1992) - Colin Nutley
    [*]Olivier, Olivier (1992) - Agnieszka Holland
    [*]The Accompanist a.k.a. L’accompagnatrice (1992) - Claude Miller
    [*]I Don’t Want to Talk About It a.k.a. De eso no se habla (1993) - Maria Luisa Bemberg
    [*]Germinal (1993) - Claude Berri
    [*]Window to Paris a.k.a. Okno v Parizh (1994) - Yuri Mamin
    [*]A Pure Formality a.k.a. Una pura formalita (1994) - Giuseppe Tornatore
    [*]Brother of Sleep a.k.a. Schlafes Bruder (1995) - Joseph Vilsmaier
    [*]A Chef in Love a.k.a. Shekvarebuli kulinaris ataserti retsepti (1996) - Nana Dzhordzhadze
    [*]When the Cat’s Away a.k.a. Chacun cherche son chat (1996) - Cedric Klapisch
    [*]Foolish Heart a.k.a. Corazon iluminado (1996) - Hector Babenco
    [*]A Friend of the Deceased a.k.a. Priyatel pokoynika (1997) - Leonid Boyko/ Vyacheslav Krishtofovich
    [*]Marie from the Bay of Angels a.k.a. Marie Baie des Anges (1997) - Manuel Pradal

    [*]Gidget (1959) and Gidget Goes to Rome (1963) in the proper OAR. No pan-scan for Gidget please.
    [*]Candyman (1993) - Bernard Rose - Please release uncut. See differences between R-Rated and uncut versions HERE and HERE
    [*]Piranha II: The Spawning (1981) - James Cameron - in the proper OAR please.
    [*]976-EVIL (1988) - Robert Englund - in the proper OAR and uncut please.
    [*]California Split (1974) - Robert Altman - DVD is OOP and was edited, please release uncut. See HERE
    [*]84 Charing Cross Road (1986) - David Hugh Jones - In proper OAR please.
    [*]Cowboy (1958) - Delmer Daves - In proper OAR please.
    [*]The Creeping Flesh (1973) - Freddie Francis - OOP
    [*]Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (1966) - Bernard Girard - OOP
    [*]The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (1970) - Vittorio de Sica - OOP
    [*]The Kiss (1988) - Pen Densham - OOP
    [*]Children of the Night (1991) - Tony Randel - OOP and wrong AR.
    [*]Cameron’s Closet (1989) - Armand Mastroianni - In proper OAR please.
    [*]See No Evil (1971) - Richard Fleischer - OOP
    [*]Year of the Gun (1991) - John Frankenheimer - In proper OAR please. Also, English subtitles are missing in the film when the characters are speaking in a foreign language on the DVD; the VHS had the correct subtitling.
    [*]The Villain (1979) - Hal Needham - In proper OAR please.
    [*]Rocket Gibraltar (1988) - Daniel Petrie - In proper OAR please.
    [*]The Trouble with Angels (1966) - Ida Lupino - In proper OAR please.
    [*]Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (1968) - James Neilson - In proper OAR please.
    [*]Casey’s Shadow (1978) - Martin Ritt - In proper OAR please.
    [*]Divorce American Style (1967) - Bud Yorkin - OOP and wrong AR.
    Movie series/Shorts & Cartoons

    [*]The The Whistler series would be great as well, maybe as an Icons of Suspense: The Complete The Whistler Series. (+2)
    [*]I would like to see Sony release more of the Columbia serials, mainly The Shadow and The Spider's Web, but would welcome others like The Spider Returns, Deadwood Dick and The Desert Hawk.
    [*]I'll add my request for other series such as Crime Doctor, Boston Blackie and The Lone Wolf. (+1)
    [*]COLUMBIA CARTOON CLASSICS!- featuring Screen Gems - Krazy Kat, Scrappy, Color Rhapsody series and The Fox and Crow shorts! (+1)
    [*]A complete collection of UPA's innovative and groundbreaking JOLLY FROLICS series!
    [*]MR. MAGOO - The Columbia Pictures theatrical cartoons: 1950-1959 (+1)
    [*]I'd love to see Ub Iwerks' color cartoons done for Columbia in the late 1930s, esp. the art deco classic, "The Merry Mannequins."
    [*]The biggest priorities among those have to be the Harry Langdon series and the Andy Clyde series. The Schilling & Lane series would also be welcomed, as would be a lesser series like the Tom Kennedy & Monte Collins shorts. (+1)
    [*]I would love to see a collection of the Five Little Peppers series.
    [*]Please release your Hanna-Barbera properties: Jeannie (animated series) and Partridge Family 2200 A.D
    General remarks

    [*]Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics V - The Reckless Moment, Shadowed, The Dark Past, Blind Spot, I Love Trouble (+1)
    [*]Films starring Melvyn Douglas, Joan Blondell, Rosalind Russell, Lucille Ball, Evelyn Keyes, Grace Moore, Ann Miller, Glenn Ford and Cornel Wilde
    [*]More 80's schlock
    [*]I'd love to see an "Icons of the Old West" release featuring some of the Columbia B-westerns from Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Bill Elliott and Charles Starrett.
    [*]An Icons of Noir: B-Noirs set would be nice as well, 4 movies on 2 discs like their Screwball titles.
    [*]A Blake Edwards box set
    [*]Bill Forsyth & Christine Lahti commentary for Housekeeping
    [*]Also, any other Lombard titles controlled by Sony. The more pre-Codes, the merrier.
    [*]Anything with the likes of Barbara Stanwyck, Melvyn Douglas, Rosalind Russell, Irene Dunne, Carole Lombard and Jean Arthur that may still have lying around. I would gladly get a third and fourth screwball comedy icons. (+1)
    [*]I'd love to see a five pack of these WWII films: Anthony Mann's THE HEROES OF TELEMARK, Peter Glenville's ME AND THE COLONEL, Carol Reed's THE KEY, Anatole Litvak's THE NIGHT OF THE GENERALS, and Carl Foreman's THE VICTORS. All but THE VICTORS have already been released on R2. Hell, it would be worth releasing them one at a time (on "Martini Movies"?) just to get them out there.
    [*]I'd like to see a British horror set, perhaps containing: Night of the Demon (the current one costs more then an Icons Set!), Creeping Flesh (currently OOP), Creatures The World Forgot, Corruption
    [*]Icons of Westerns: Spaghetti Westerns - The Big Gundown (1966), 7 Guns for the MacGregors (1966), 7 Women for the MacGregors (1967), The Stranger and the Gunfighter (1976)
    [*]Icons of Westerns: Adventures of Winnetou - Treasure of Silver Lake (1962), Apache Gold (1963), Winnetou: Last of the Renegades (1964), Frontier Hellcat (1964), Rampage at Apache Wells (1965), The Desperado Trail (1965), Winnetou: Thunder at the Border (1966)
    [*]Icons of Espionage I: Man on a String (1960), The Deadly Affair (1966), The Looking Glass War (1969)
    [*]Icons of Espionage II: Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1967), Assignment K (1968), Hammerhead (1968)
    In Production / Planned (no guarantee)

    [*]Peter Lorre collection (3-movies?): Crime and Punishment (1935), Island of Doomed Men (1940), The Face Behind the Mask (1941) - date tba. - status unknown - titles were mentioned in an interview with Mr. Schlesinger back in 2007 as "in work"

    [*]Lost and Found (1979) - Melvin Frank - Released January 7, 2014. Sony Choice Collection.
    [*]The Miami Story (1954) - Fred F. Sears - Released January 7, 2014. Sony Choice Collection.
    [*]I Am the Law (1938) - Alexander Hall - Released February 4, 2014. Sony Choice Collection.
    [*]The Crimson Blade (1964) - John Gilling - Released February 4, 2014. Sony Choice Collection.
    [*]The Slingshot a.k.a. Kadisbellan (1993) - Ake Sandgren - Released February 4, 2014. Sony Choice Collection.
    [*]Winnetou: Thunder at the Border (1966) - Alfred Vohrer - Released April 1, 2014. Sony Choice Collection.
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  2. Vic Pardo

    Vic Pardo Screenwriter

    Feb 7, 2013
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    Brian Camp
    Ditto on the classic cartoons! I mentioned in another thread here that I'd love to see Ub Iwerks' color cartoons done for Columbia in the late 1930s, esp. the art deco classic, "The Merry Mannequins."

    Great list up to 1971, less so afterwards. I confess that most of the 1980s and '90s titles are unfamiliar to me.

    A big problem with many of the foreign titles listed is that the rights are probably no longer held by Columbia/Sony. I'm sure that's the case with the Japanese animated feature, LITTLE PRINCE AND 8-HEADED DRAGON (1963), which was produced by Toei Animation, which is actively trying to market its output overseas and is releasing some classic anime titles through Discotek Media in the U.S.
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  3. FrankXS

    FrankXS Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 9, 2004
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    Please....please...please They All Kissed the of Joan Crawford's few non-MGM titles still not available.
  4. davidHartzog

    davidHartzog Cinematographer

    Aug 17, 2004
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    John smith
    Great list, thanks.
  5. rdf8585

    rdf8585 Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 2, 2008
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    The more Columbia comedy shorts that get released, the better.

    The biggest priorities among those have to be the Harry Langdon series and the Andy Clyde series. The Schilling & Lane series would also be welcomed, as would be a lesser series like the Tom Kennedy & Monte Collins shorts.

    I would have to guess the Langdon's may be the best bet for release. He probably has the most name value, and his series could be hammered out over two discs. Clyde did 79 shorts at Columbia; that would be a big undertaking.
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  6. DeWilson

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    Jun 5, 2006
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  7. RBailey

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    Jun 30, 2009
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    John Hall
    I'd love to see a release of the Frank Tashlin-scripted GOOD HUMOR MAN (1950) with Jack Carson and Lola Albright. Like the 2 Fuller Brush comedies, this film is chock full of wild cartoon gags and some incredible stunts. Plus the irony of bad guy George "Superman" Reeves thwarted by the local kids' "Captain Marvel Club".

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  8. ahollis

    ahollis Lead Actor

    Mar 1, 2007
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    New Orleans
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    I would like to see THE GOOD HUMOR MAN released also. It is a simple film that has some great comic moments. I have never really been a Jack Carson fan but he makes me laugh out loud in this film. Jean Wallace really does a great job as the young woman he tries to help and both Lola Albright, as Jack's love interest and Peter Miles as her kid brother give a good performance that plays off Carson well. What I would also love to see is collection of the Five Little Peppers series. Those four films are a complete guilty pleasure.
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  9. kingfish

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    Oct 8, 2006
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    cool list. i want paratrooper and all the young men.
  10. kingfish

    kingfish Screenwriter

    Oct 8, 2006
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    They Came to Cordura (1959) has been for sale at for some time.
  11. kingfish

    kingfish Screenwriter

    Oct 8, 2006
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    the last blitzkreig is also another cool title with van johnson as the bad guy turned hero at the end of the movie.
  12. JoHud

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    Sep 12, 2007
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    Joe Hudak
    Ah, I knew I was forgetting something. I've been waiting ages for that one to turn up somewhere. After the two Fuller Brush comedies, I was sure this one was going to turn up to on the MOD line, but the wait continues...
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  13. MLamarre

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    Matthew Lamarre
    Original post updated.
  14. Richard Gallagher


    Dec 9, 2001
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    Fishkill, NY
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    Rich Gallagher
    I would add to the list the Joseph Losey remake of M (1951).

  15. Dan McW

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    Aug 12, 2004
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    Sony no longer controls the Losey "M." I believe the rights reverted to the producer.
  16. clambake

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    Jul 9, 2012
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    Yeah, they are nice movies. They showed all of them on TCM a year ago.
  17. MLamarre

    MLamarre Second Unit

    Jun 24, 2008
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    Matthew Lamarre
    Lost and Found (1979) and The Miami Story (1954) are being released on January 7 as part of the Choice Collection. Master List updated,
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  18. kingfish

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    Oct 8, 2006
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    the glory brigade with victor mature.
  19. MLamarre

    MLamarre Second Unit

    Jun 24, 2008
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    Matthew Lamarre
    It's a Fox film.
  20. MattPriceTime

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    Brooklyn Park, MD
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    Matthew Price
    A small addition to make but for those of us in the HB thread please add the Sony owned titles of that library. Jeannie (animated series) and Patridge Family in 2200 A.D

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