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The "Cleaning out the media room" Sale to afford me a Emotiva MMC/DMC-1!!! (1 Viewer)

Kin Poon

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Sep 23, 2004
Ok, i am basically selling this to get a used DMC-1, so if you guys want something here and have a DMC-1 or a MMC-1....make a offer for anything...i might(not might, i probably would) give you more then what the DMC-1/MMC-1 is worth (you never know) since a used DMC/MMC now is going no more then 550-600. Since most of you are upgrading to DTS-HD and DD-HD preamps/receivers, i thought some of you may want to get rid of it.

If not, you guys can buy this. Several of you have seem my pictures posted all over the web, so you know i keep my stuff in good condition. Anyways, here you go!

BTW, i am not selling you guys garage junk, these are all highly rated gears and kept in good condition (unless otherwise mentioned) that i took long hard decisions and research before i purchased them. But after 3 moves, and upgradetis, gears just get unused. Started this hobby at 14, now i am 22......it never stops!

I am putting it up here instead of flea-bay since i just want enough to get a DMC/MMC.

The 72tx has the same preamp circuitry as the 74tx, 82tx, and 84tx. The only thing that the 4's has over the 2's is USB, iLink, and 10extra wattage, and the only thing 8 series has over the 7 series is FCDi scaler.

BTW, i wanted to test everytrhing on the pioneer one last time before i offer it up for a final trade or on audiogon. I only use its preamp output and coaxial inputs so its pretty much a waste for me. If i didn't get this thing as a part-gift, i would have never got it. All video switching was done by the TV. I never use the MCACC as well since i trial test everything by ear.

So basically I never used the HDMI switching, MCACC microphone setup, or its internal amp. Well today i tried the amp and it works perfectly; the microphone works as well with all its auto calibration (i have two, I have the original,and an after market d****n microphone); and for the HDMI, i dont think the "handshake" was going too well with my 3yr old JVC tv and the newer verizon fios digital box. As a result, i cannot really test it.

In what i know..it works perfectly.

Review is here:

Home Theater: Pioneer Elite VSX-72TXV A/V Receiver and Jamo A 7 Speaker System

UltimateAVmag.com: Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi THX Select2 AV Receiver

Sound and Vision Magazine - Pioneer VSX-74TXVi Digital Surround Receiver

Product Review


The Grado is basically new, and i don't think i use them for over 2hrs at all. It was an impulse buy and costed me 150. Still brand new in box basically. I drove them with a Parasound PLD1100(the preamp has over 44,000uf in caps!!) which has a dual mono headphone amp. The amp is not in the best condition as it is missing the feet. It was basically a hand me down. But it works GREAT! I compared the SR125 to the SR60-80-225-325. The 125 is the warmest sounding of them all, with great details. The others were either too bright, or too accurate, making listening more of a chore then pleasure. The parasound is also warm musical preamp, and makes a great soothing combo with very articulate detailing. I would not give this up, but headphones are not for me.

Stereophile: Grado Laboratories SR 125 headphones

Grado SR125 Headphone Review

Grado Labs SR-125 Review, Page One

Grado SR-125 Reviews


and for the parasound:

Discontinued Products > P/LD-1100 Line Drive Preamplifier

Parasound PLD-1100 Reviews

Product Review


If you need a mini surround system for a bedroom or media room,

These are two system. I originally bought the celestions for my younger brother, and the wharfedale for my younger sister. But we never got through setting it up.

i have a near new(took out to test) in box...wharfedale Moviestar 70 5.1 system. No stands as i never bought the stands for them. This system is a joy for music. I have tested them on Class A amps...and the sound is warm and silky. Classic Wharfedale sound in a small, yet great looking style.


Home Cinema Hardware Reviews

Amazon.com: Wharfedale MovieStar 70 Surround Sound Speaker System (Beech): Electronics


and then i have a Celestion AVP305. No matching subwoofer. I bought him a yamaha 10" instead (not included). In addition, the celestion never came with grills. How S&V mag got the grills, i never know.


Home Cinema Hardware Reviews

Sound and Vision Magazine - 6 Easy Pieces


Yamaha - 10" 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer - YST-SW216BL

lol....i have a bit too much stuff, but hey...its a try....let me know!

So the prices?

Pioneer VSX-72TXV with Remote and 2 microphones ($1400.00): $400.00

Grado SR125, basically new, still in box ($150.00) : $125.00

Parasound PLD-1100 ($850.00): normally goes for $3-400+ on audiogon, but i am missing the 4 feets and the remote, so $175.00

Grado w/ Parasound: $225.00

Celestion AVP305 ($260.00 per pair originally and $180.00 for the center): Two (2) pairs plus the center for $159.00

Wharfedale Moviestar 70 ($700.00): $290.00...btw, shipping is expensive as the sub is a 10", and the speakers enclosures are very heavy, esp. the center.


Thanks for looking!!! For reference, my Audiogon and Videogon ID is "kinn" and my ebay ID is "Kinni C P"

Please email all offers and request to [email protected]

Thanks agian!

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