The Classic film "IF" on BBC2

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    Nov 23, 2001
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    The classic film on Rebellion was on tonight. after so long i was good to see the digitally broadcast picture of this film!
    Even in a public school setting, this film's credo on not conforming to the normal or back then and maybe now draconian system of teaching children and older students (or pupils, young adults!)
    The film also touches on corruption of authority figures and also decaying atitudes that are force on us by the older generations. Malcolm McDowell's Travis is the rogue who with his to friends "Wallace" and "Knighty" and later his "Girl" with no name and Wallace's companion and lover "Phillips??"(No in the film it not sexual! Nothing is actually?) have a rebellion and last stand against the school and system (played up throughout the film in metaphor)(i won't spoil it for those who havn't seen it?)
    The film does hold up today and is thought prevoking? after watching it i though i'll look up some info on the film's history on the and get a bit more onn the film from the internet.
    Although i haven't seen the film for afew years, its sad to read and hear that, some of the main characters from "IF" are no longer with us! Richard Warwick(Wallace) and Rupert Webster(Bobby Phillips)
    Watching and old film when you're so young and growing up with it, is like an old friend when you see it again? (when you go to school especially in the 80's, "IF" is a good film to watch) upon reading that news, i enjoyed the showing on BBC2 i little bit more!
    Pity a reunion between the stars of that film didn't take place? its such a classic even when you've looked back and see you have left school for a generation now!
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    "If" is a classic film...and along with "O'Lucky Man", should be on Criterion's list for remastering and DVD release. I'd love some audio commentary with Malcolm McDowell on the making of both films!!!

    I once heard a comment that Lindsay Anderson was "an angry filmmaker"...and when you think of it there's alot of that in both films...but to me, it doesn't diminish Anderson's place in British Film History, both as a film historian/

    critic and filmmaker!

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