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Richard Carnahan

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 24, 2001
or Immediate Release

Warner Home Video Announces

The Chaplin Collection

Collection’s First Four Titles Debut July 1
With All-New Digitally Mastered Picture & Audio
from Restored Chaplin Estate Vault Elements

Burbank, Calif., April 9, 2003 -- Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush, The Great
Dictator, Limelight and Modern Times - four timeless examples of cinema’s
first and favorite comedy genius - are being released on DVD July 1 from Warner
Home Video (WHV) and MK2. As the first in a series of ten titles included in
The Chaplin Collection, all the films have been digitally re-mastered from
restored vault elements under the supervision of the Chaplin family estate. The
new releases will feature never-before-seen footage, behind-the-scenes glimpses
and exclusive family home movie footage. Each deluxe Two-Disc set will be
priced at $29.95 SRP. All will also be available in The Chaplin Collection
giftset for $89.92 SRP.

Additionally, a second wave of The Chaplin Collection will be released in fall
of 2003 and will include four more DVDs of Chaplin’s greatest films to be
announced later this year.

More About WHV’s The Chaplin Collection DVDs

Modern Times - The last of Chaplin's silent films was chosen by the AFI for
both their 100 Years/100 Movies and 100 Years/100 Laughs lists and described by
film critic Pauline Kael as "one of the happiest and most lighthearted of the
Chaplin pictures." Chaplin made this funny and poignant masterpiece in which he
portrays a factory worker who is frustrated with his job and tired of his
tyrannical boss when other filmmakers had virtually abandoned silent films in
place of talkies. Highlights include the Tramp ensnared in the factory
gearwork, the mechanized lunch break and roller-skating on a ledge.

With an hour of viewing extras, the DVD special features include:

Chaplin Today - Modern Times: Insightful documentary directed by Philippe

An introduction to the film by Chaplin biographer David Robinson, illustrated
by stills

Alternate scene: The complete version of the nonsense song Chaplin sings in the
cafe scene

Soundtrack remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1

Original story notes, shooting log and production reports for the "feeding
machine" sequence

A witty video reminiscence by Modern Times musical arranger, composer David
Raksin (Laura, The Bad and the Beautiful)

Modern Times trailers from around the world

Galleries of film posters and photos

Extensive production notes
The Gold Rush - In 1942, Chaplin cut more than 20 minutes from the original
1925 silent version and re-released the film with sound narration. The Two-Disc
DVD includes both the 1942 re-release and the original silent version, with the
cut footage reinstated and Chaplin’s original score, newly reorchestrated by
Neil Brand. Widely hailed as his greatest film, this Chaplin classic finds the
little Tramp in the Klondike searching for gold and falling in love. The film,
which maintains a careful balance of masterful slapstick, romantic tenderness
and wry social satire, features the celebrated "dancing dinner rolls" and
hard-luck shoe dinner.

With nearly two hours of special features, the Two-Disc DVD includes:

Original Chaplin music score remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1

Chaplin Today - The Gold Rush: MK2TV retrospective documentary directed by
Serge le Peron with Idrissa Ouedraogo

Introduction by Chaplin biographer David Robinson, illustrated with stills

The Gold Rush trailers from around the world

Galleries of film posters and photos

Interview with Lita Grey Chaplin, his wife at the time of the film

Original scenario written by Chaplin prior to filming, entitled The Lucky
Strike - A Play in Two Scenes
The Great Dictator - In his first film with dialogue, Chaplin plays the dual
roles of a sweet-natured Jewish barber and a murderous Hitler-type dictator.
Written and directed by Chaplin before the U.S. entered World War II, The Great
Dictator was nominated for five Academy Awards®, including Best Picture and
Actor. Immortal comedy bits from this film include the dictator’s besotted
dance with a globe, the upside-down flying sequence and the dictator and a
Mussolini-like Jack Oakie madly cranking their barber chairs higher and higher.

With nearly two hours of special features, the Two-Disc DVD includes:

The Tramp and the Dictator: Acclaimed Turner Classic Movies documentary
co-directed by film historian Kevin Brownlow and Michael Kloft

Rare color home movies shot on the set by Chaplin’s half brother Sydney

Deleted scene from Chaplin’s short film Sunnyside, (1918) which inspired his
creation of the Jewish barber character

Hitler/Mussolini excerpt from Chaplin’s scathing black comedy Monsieur

Chaplin’s original story notes, drafts of scripts and production records
documenting his creation of the film’s impassioned final sequence

Soundtrack remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1

Poster gallery
Limelight - The 1972 Oscar® winner for Best Music, Original Dramatic Score
tells the story of a down-and-out music-hall performer (Chaplin) who rescues a
young ballerina from committing suicide and, in the process, gets one last
chance to step into the limelight again. This film includes Chaplin’s
delightful taming of a flea sequence, his instructions in "laughter therapy"
and a landmark routine in which comedic rivals Chaplin and Buster Keaton appear
together for the first time on screen in a duet that is the highlight of
Chaplin’s final American film.

With nearly two hours of special features, the Two-Disc DVD includes:

Chaplin Today - Limelight: MK2TV retrospective documentary directed by Edgardo
Cozarinsky and Bernardo Bertolucci

Featurette on the seven other Chaplin family members in Limelight

1952 and 1959 home movies of Chaplin’s children and Chaplin in London

Deleted scenes cut after the premiere, including "One-armed Man" scene

An introduction to the film by Chaplin biographer David Robinson, illustrated
by stills

Limelight trailers from around the world

Galleries of posters and photos

Soundtrack remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1

Audio-only track of the film’s Academy-Award® winning score

Sections of Chaplin’s working text for the novel on which the film is based

A six-minute excerpt of the unfinished 1919 film, The Professor, which mirrors
the Limelight fleas and flophouse scenes

Production summary
In addition, all four Two-Disc DVDs will be offered in full-frame format
[1.37:1]. They will also include English and French languages (dubbed in
Québécois) and subtitles in English, French and Spanish.

WHV is the worldwide distributor (excluding Japan) of these definitive new
Chaplin releases, which were created and produced by Paris-based MK2 in
conjunction with Association Chaplin (the Chaplin Family estate).

With operations in 78 international territories - more than the video division
of any other studio - Warner Home Video commands the largest distribution
infrastructure in the global video marketplace. Warner Home Video's film
library is the largest of any studio, offering top quality new and vintage
titles from the repertoires of Warner Bros. Pictures, Turner Entertainment Co.,
Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Home Video and New Line Home Entertainment.

End Of Release

Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
Sounds like great releases...can't wait...now if we can get some Harold Lloyd films, that will be great!

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