The Change-Up - from the writers of The Hangover

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    Who says men canʼt change? Two best friends, Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, are about to find out in this hilarious New Comedy The Change-Up in theatres Aug 5th. Trailer
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    Mitch and Dave, the characters played by Ryan Reynolds (a total sex-charged, slacker) and Jason Bateman (Partner-to-be in a law firm, father, provider, husband) change bodies while making a wish peeing in a water fountain. What follows in discovering the other person's life and bodily features is raunchy in spots, funny as well, but by the end, even with some character development focused more on Mitch than Dave, the script goes for the more predictable road to its conclusion. Probably worthy of a matinee or rental, but I enjoyed it, and Olivia Wilde has never looked so good in a movie. One thing I will note is that I'm not a fan of the faux nudity that is being CGI's into films nowadays. This film feautures some of that for the Leslie Mann character, and a just smidge for Olivia Wilde's character. I give it 2.5 stars, or a grade of C+.
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    Went into a matinee that only had 6 other patrons. They were a group of mostly teens together on the back row.

    When the "Tatiana" character disrobed, all 6 bolted for the exit.
    That was my best laugh during the movie.

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