The Carol Burnett Show

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    Thanks for the information Mark. I recently placed an order for this collection with Guthy-Renker. They had an option to get the "Fast 9", wherein they send you the first 9 volumes at once and then it goes on the 2 every other month plan. I didn't see an option to buy all of them, or were you referring to the Fast 9?
    Also, regarding the volumes 10-21, besides having the original Columbia House artwork, also come in the original CH slim cases as opposed to standard DVD cases?
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    They didn't mention "fast 9" to me -- I wonder if they don't have different deals at different times. There are 21 volumes and they are all in standard DVD cases. They all have Guthy Renker's name on them, even "Show Stoppers."
    I also recently saw an infomercial for the Dean Martin roasts with references to how they're going "back into the vault" and may never be released again, so act now. I took it as typical hyperbole and high-pressure sales pitch. (I got those on VHS years ago and haven't convinced myself to upgrade to DVD.)

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