"The Bridges of Madison County": Full-Frame DVD soft-matte?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by questrider, Jun 11, 2003.

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    My wife and I just watched (again) "The Bridges of Madison County" on Encore the other evening and she remarked how she would love to own the movie on DVD and then that way we'd have the widescreen version too. I researched it and was disappointed to find out it was one of the first movies ever released on DVD and thus it is full-frame only. I also see at the IMDB that its OAR is 1.85:1 and that it was released on laserdisc this way in addition to being released on Region 2 in Germany as 1.85:1. Why would Warner Bros. deem this film so important for the marketplace to include as one of the first-ever released DVDs and then yet not revisit releasing it in anamorphic widescreen? Also, I tried to do a little research to see if perhaps the movie is soft-matted (shot 4:3 and then matted 16:9 for exhibition so that when it's released on video there's more picture on the top and bottom) but only found info here:


    And I am questioning its accuracy on "Bridges" because when I watched it on Encore the other night I couldn't imagine putting in mattes for 16:9 because it appears it would cutoff the top and bottom too much resulting in heads being out of frame, etc.

    Anyone have any information on this movie or why in the world Warner Bros. haven't attempted to put together a re-release in anamorphic widescreen?

    Sometimes I just don't understand these movie companies. "The English Patient" is another head scratcher: no anamorphic widescreen! The current DVD I own looks terrible! And that movie won Best Picture for crying out loud!!!
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    A good many of Warner's early DVDs are simply old transfers put on a DVD disc. They only did a few re-transfers from the start.

    1997 priorities were simply not the same as present priorities in terms of quality control for DVD. However, WB is starting to re-issue many of their non-OAR discs in widescreen. They'll probably end up doing a 16x9 edition sometime.

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