THE BLASTERS -Live- Going Home

Discussion in 'Music' started by Henry Gale, Mar 5, 2004.

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    Spotted a new Blasters DVD and CD (separate packages) the other day.
    Passed on the CD for now but I am watching the DVD this morning. There is a different track list on these two items, so I will be getting both.
    The DVD is from (another) reunion gig held last year in California. A surprise was found in the extras section, video of Classic Blasters. Two songs from a Santa Barbara concert in 1982 and another from the Palace in Hollywood from 1983. These would predate the only other Blasters video I own, their appearance in Streets of Fire (1984).
    The DVD offers an audio choice of 5.1 or stereo and about 24 songs including the extra tracks.
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    Rachael Bellomy
    BTW, Dave Alvin of ze Blasters has a Mo-Fi SA-CD release. It's more kuntry rock zan de Blasters.

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