The Beatles at the BBC and the miracle of the 60s

Discussion in 'Music' started by Ockeghem, Nov 26, 2013.

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    This is (for me) a very interesting video on Abbey Road and the Beatles BBC Broadcasts.

    Side note: Yesterday while picking up two copies of the new One Direction CD (I have several daughters whom are huge fans of the band) my girls saw volume one and volume two of the Beatles BBC ('On Air') Broadcasts. Although it won't be a surprise for me for the holidays, they were quick to purchase these for their very happy father. And they were ecstatic to purchase two copies of Midnight Memories on a Monday morning (non pre-ordered) which took some doing as Tuesdays are usually when these kinds of things are released.
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    You might be interested to know that on Tuesday the Beatles released a 2.5 hr set of previously unreleased 1963 recordings, including many more BBC tracks. (edit: itunes only)

    All of these have been out on bootlegs for many years. This is due to some european copyright thing for unreleased recordings. After 50 years they become public domain unless released in some form. So this release means these tracks retain their copyright for another 70 years. Rumor is there might be another release next week.

    We can expect this to go on for the next 8 years... :)
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