The Beatles Anthology DVD special on CNN

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    I received this e-mail today and thought I'd pass it along.


    This weekend CNN are broadcasting a special on The Beatles Anthology DVD on their "The Music Room" programme.

    The programme will be aired from tomorrow, Friday 2 May, and gives an insight into how the DVD package was put together by Apple Corps and Abbey Road Studios. The special is hosted from Abbey Road and includes interviews with some of the people who worked on the Anthology DVDs. The 30 minute show will be aired at different times globally (please see below for GMT (London) air times).

    The Beatles Anthology DVD boxset is available now.

    Friday 02 May
    1230 GMT (Asia/South Asia/North America)
    2100 GMT (Europe/North America)
    2330 GMT (Latin America)

    Saturday 03 May
    0630 GMT (Asia/South Asia)
    1030 GMT (Europe/North America/Latin America)
    1330 GMT (Latin America /USfn)
    1830 GMT (All Regions)
    0030 GMT (Asia/South Asia/North America)
    0200 GMT (Europe/Latin America/USfn)

    Sunday 04 May
    0730 GMT (Asia/South Asia)
    0830 GMT (Europe/Latin America/North America/USfn)
    1330 GMT (Asia/South Asia/North America)
    2030 GMT (Europe/North America/Latin America/USfn)
    0030 GMT (Latin America/USfn)
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    [​IMG] Thanks Gary!!!


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