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The Avalanches - Since I Left You, US Release! (1 Viewer)

Adnan Sheikh

Stunt Coordinator
May 4, 1999
I'm sure someone here has heard this amazing album. Easily one of the coolest cds to come out in a long time. These guys make 900+ samples a lot of fun. It was finally released in the states this past Tuesday, but there appear to be a few differences between the US version and the others.
The first, and possibly the most obvious, is the inclusion of track breaks. Wasn't this album originally one long 60 minute track? I'm not too upset over this; I've been listening to it as one track for months now, so I doubt I'll be skipping around too much. Kinda weird that they felt they had to change this for the US release, though.
The second is a little more irritating. The music itself appears to have been changed, albeit slightly. The only instances of this I have noticed so far occur in Frontier Psychiatrist. Some of the samples seem to have been modified, or perhaps replaced. For example, the "I'm going to kill you" line in the original is spoken with a Southern drawl, making it sound like "I'm gonna keel you." The new one has no accent, which is quite disappointing (that was one of my favorite lines!).
I'm not incredibly upset over the changes, I'm just puzzled. It's a great album either way, though.

Adnan Sheikh

Stunt Coordinator
May 4, 1999
Thanks for clearing that up, Brian. Now I'm wondering what this 80 meg, 60 minute mp3 that I have is. It's got the slightly modified samples and all. Weird!


Supporting Actor
May 10, 2000
I just read a review of this in the Onion's "AV Club." They gave it a really positive review. Methinks I'll be ordering this from work tomorrow.

Iain Lambert

Jun 7, 1999
The album is pretty blimmin' cool I'll agree. I got the UK release when it came out, and Frontier Psychiatrist is definitely a fave track. There are a few meandering tracks that don't really do it for me, but overall the cool moments more than make up for it.

Brian Bunn

Second Unit
Oct 26, 1998
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