The Americanization of Emily?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Jaime_Weinman, Apr 25, 2004.

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    Mar 19, 2001
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    This is the 40th anniversary of The Americanization of Emily. It's an MGM film, so WB now owns it. Has there been any word of a DVD release?

    News or no news, I am pretty certain that WB will eventually bring it out, probably when they bring out a Network special edition. I hope Emily gets a good DVD presentation, since it's IMO Paddy Chayefsky's best work; I'm not a big fan of Network, which is too cartoonish for my tastes, but Emily is funny, hard-edged, full of great dialogue, and has hardly dated at all (the anti-war themes, the satire of the photo-op aspects of war, and the satire of European anti-Americanism are all in no need of updating). Great acting from James Garner and Julie Andrews. It deserves a good remastering and a commentary from the surviving participants (the producer, the director, and the lead actors).

    I do wonder what it would have been like if William Wyler had directed it. He was signed to direct it, then pulled out. I almost think that Wyler would have tried too hard to make the whole thing "cinematic." Arthur Hiller isn't much of a director, and Emily suffers from some clunky compositions, but at least when he gets a great script (here and The In-Laws) he doesn't get in its way.
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    I don't have any news about this DVD. I just wanted chime in that I would really love to have this on DVD. I always watch this when it comes on TCM. It is a great vehicle for James Garner and James Coburn.
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    Julie Andrews has said that this is one of her favorite films and I hope they do it justice.
    I just hope someone doesn't ask, why is it not in color?
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    Emily was released widescreenon laser and remixed for stereo from the true stereo music sessions. It would be nice to have this and to have Julies two other big ones - Darling l;ili (uncut please) and Hawaii (also uncut please and with the stereo track that was on the laser).
    The Rodgers naed Hammerstein website mentions tht the Julie Andrews version of R and H Cinderella is due later this year. It only exists in black and white and with some live mistakes that will make you howl!!

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