The Abyss: 2 discs OOP, You Can Count on Me and more

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    All DVDs are like new, in MINT condition.
    Prices shown include shipping and are in U.S. dollars. Payment by Paypal only.
    The Abyss: 2 discs Special Edition OOP $21 Shipped
    You Can Count on Me (Laura Linney) $15 Shipped
    Seven (original) $11 Shipped
    Dressed to Kill Special Edition (De Palma) $11 Shipped
    Lethal Weapon 4: Premiere Collection $12 Shipped
    Lord of the Flies (1990) $9 Shipped
    Weekend at Bernie's $8 Shipped
    Asian (all with removable English subs)
    The Mission (Johnnie To action/thriller) $11 Shipped
    FullTime Killer (Johnnie To action/thriller) $11 SOLD
    The Eye (Pang bros. HK horror) $12 Shipped
    Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive $8 Shipped
    La Brassiere (HK comedy) $12 Shipped
    Carnival of Souls (Criterion #63, 2 discs) $24 SOLD
    Hatchet for the Honeymoon (Mario Bava)+ Anatomy of a Psycho $7
    The New York Ripper (Fulci, Anchor Bay) $10
    Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael Myers (original) $9
    Night of the Living Dead (Savini, 1990) $10
    A Blade in the Dark (Anchor Bay, uncut) $11 SOLD
    Return of the Living Dead $10
    Joy Ride Special Edition $10
    The Changeling $9
    Leprechaun (Jennifer Aniston, SEALED) $10
    Stephen King's Rose Red (2 discs, SEALED) $16
    Disc only
    The Mothman Prophecies $7 Shipped *
    The Wicker Man $7 Shipped * Take these two for $11 shipped.
    Air Bud (Promo) $4 Shipped
    Master trader here at HTF.
    Thanks for looking. Post here or Email me
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